Large Adjustable Radiant Heat Shield For BBQ Grill Repairs.

This heat plate has louvers cut into the sides to facilitate convectional heat which is so integral for cooking with a barbecue. The heat shield can adjust from 18.5 inches as long as 28.5 inches and can be adjusted to any length in between those measurements. The depth is 8 inches. The porcelain coated steel version of this radiant shield should be cleaned with heat from the barbecue and if more than heat is needed should be cleaned with soap and water with the rough side of a kitchen sponge. Do not use bristles on porcelain enameled steel because if the coating is scratched through to the steel the material can oxidize. The stainless version of this radiant can be brushed with a heavily abrasive wire brush as needed.

Inspect your Heat Shields often to ensure proper performance from your BBQ Grill. Heat Plates distribute heat, deflect grease and manage cleanup. Heat Shields protect expensive gas grill burners from getting clogged and damaged.


Stainless Steel Heat Plate
  • Adjustable for all BBQ Grills!!
  • 8.5 inches wide (left-right)
  • Depth (front-back) adjusts from 18.5 - 28.5 inches!
  • Stainless Steel for longevity against rust.
  • Louvered for even heat distribution


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universal adjustable heat shield

Universal adjustable heat shield 8.5" wide adjusts from 18.5" to 28.5" length.

universal angle heat plate flavoriser

Universal heat shield adjusts from 17" to 19" matches the design of many Brinkmann, Charmglow and Weber barbeque grill heat shield flavorizers


Universal Adjustable Replacement Grill Heat Shields

how to use and adjust and install the universal adjustable heat shield

Four 8" by 13" heavy gauge heat shileds get attached to form any size dimension to fit above the burners and below the cooking grates and a universal heat shield or briquette grate.

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