Universal Adjustable Heat Shieled Fits Thousands Of BBQ Grill Models.

The universal adjustable heat shield replaces the vaporizer plate in a lot of barbecue grills using straight pipe burners. This replacement vaporizer is perfect for grill models by Bull, Ducane, PerfectFlame and hundreds of other barbecues. Two porcelain enamled steel shields fit together to adjust the depth from 12 inches to 18 inches. The edges of the heat plates are lined with small holes so the vaporizer can be adjusted in quarter-inch increments. Nuts and bolts and washers are included with extras so the two pieces can be bolted together tightly enough to hold the pices rigid as though there were one perfectly sized vaporizer shield.

92380 Universal Heat Plate

Porcelain Coated Heat Plate designed to fit grills with front to back tube and pipe burners. Adjusts from 12 inches to 18 inches.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement porcelain heat plate 12 - 18
universal adjustable heat shield
Installation Video

Adjustable Shield Adjusts 12 to 18 Inches and is 4 inches wide.

Although there are a lot of very thin and poorly made cheap grill parts that are adjustable, that is not what this is!

The adjustable grill parts we use in our repairs are from a manufacturing company in Canada. The company fabricates barbecues and a huge catalog of accessories and replacement parts. The adjustable parts we use are as well made as the exact fit parts we use and the factory parts for these grill models.

Installation Video

This is a CalFlame barbecue grill we are working on. Instead of cleaning the heat plates we are going to replace all of them with the universal adjustable heat shields. The length iss perfect and the four-inch width is more than wode enough to manipulate the heat coming from the cast iron burner below.

The adjustable heat shield can adjust to any depth and can be installed in any barbecue grill that needs a heat shield vaporizer eighteen inches or less deep. The curve of the shield causes hot grease and marinades to run off the porcelain enamel surface and the curved concave under-side of the shield firces heat from the burner to heat the metal until most moisture dripping to the shield will be vaporized by the intense heat.

Any coating can be damaged by scrubbing with a tool that is too abrasive. Do not scrub porcelain coated vaporizer burner shields because once the enamel has been scratched it is difficult to tell the damage is done until oxidation has set-in. Instead use the heat from the burners to break-down the greases and moisture stuck to the shields. Use a kitchen sponge with an anrasive sidee but only ever use heat and degreasers instead of wire brushes for cleaning.

heat plate installed from the bottom

This is the under side of the universal adjustable vaporizer showing the washer and nuts holding the two pieces together. There are four hardware sets in the package instead of two so the pieces stay tightly together.

vaporizer assembly hardware from the top

Once the depth of the inner firebox is determined we hold the two pieces of the heat shield together and feed the bolt through the holes that line-up top and bottom. Four sets of bolts hold the adjustable shields together at the proper depth. Each nut and bolt also has a small washer so the nut can be tightened without worry of breaking the enamel or allowing heat to slowly unscrew the hardware.

adjustable heat shield in bbq grillware model repair