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Replacement U Burner For Alfresco Models.

Alfresco grills make some of the best and most popular infrared grills on the planet. With their newest LX2 models they have created a clean distinction between the original AGBQ grill models and the high-performance infrared models. All Alfresco models have lifetime warranty service and awesome features that make the grills a pleasure to use. The electrodes are manufactured a lot thicker, heavier and more reliable than other barbecue ignition systems. Alfresco now uses a collector box to protect the electrode and the cross-over tube that feeds gas at the spark.

Alfresco Grill Parts LX2 Briquette Shield AGBQ and Builder Briquette Tray
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Stainless steel replacement U burner for Alfresco gas BBQ Grill convection burners. Models include AGBQ-30, AGBQ,42, AGBQ-56 and the LX2 30, LX2 42 and LX2 56 infrared and all blue flame gas barbecue grill models.


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alfresco gas bbq grill replacement burner for stainless convection blue flame u burner repair
electrode, wire, collector and crossover side burner ignition

Alfresco Infrared Grills

This is an Alfresco gas grill with an infrared burner added next to the U shaped blue-flame burner. This is actually a builder-box model which does not have a smoker drawer, does not have a rotisserie, a warming rack and does not come standard with an infrared burner. Alfresco does not make nor permit conversion of the builder models so we converted this one just top make sure we could do it.

As a standard barbecue grill the Alfresco is among the best grills in the world. Materials used to fabricate Alfresco are 304 stainless made in America with some of the best commercial kitchen workmanship availablae to apopliances. However, Alfresco is not only a U burner barbecue that performs well. Alfresco is also an Infrared grill and an innovator with new grilling technology.

LX2 Models with the infrared burners have internally protected lights, hidden rotisserie parts, electronic powerful igniters and many features that even high-end gas grill companies have not integrated.

electrode, wire, collector and crossover side burner ignition

In the AGBQ model Alfresco barbecue grills the convection U shaped blue-flame burner mounts in the grill by dropping the back pin into a hole in a cross-bar. The replacement burner has the welded pin at the back tip of the U shaped burner so the burner is not able to wiggle or be bumped out of place while installed in the grill.

electrode, wire, collector and crossover side burner ignition

The Alfresco LX2 model has this bracket in the back of the inner fire box and this is what holds the burner in place so it is not able to move or be bumped out of place while mounted in the barbecue.

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U Shaped blue-flame burner fits both AGBQ and LX2 Alfresco gas grill models. The replacement center feed U burner is slightly longer than 18 inches long and almost 8 inches wide.


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alfresco U burner
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infrared grill burner igniter electrode

Inside the control panel the control valve has a small orifice at the tip and this is the jet drilled to a specific size to allow only so much gas flow through. The burner venturi air shutter slides onto this tip of the valve when we slide the burner in the grill and through the hole in the front wall.

alfresco electrode double post strainght rotisserie

When the U burner is installed in the grill the cross over tube at the front of the burner leads from the electrodes spark across the burner. This way the gas flow can ignite moving front-to-back from the electrode and cross-ways from the cross over tube. This is a safer design and makes ignition faster so gas does not build-up to ignite all at once.

Install to Control Valve and Igniter.

valve orifice and collector box

The burner front venturi tube inserts in the front hole in the firewall so the air adjustment slides onto the orifice at the tip of the valve seen here through the hole in the BBQ wall. The electrode is housed inside the protective collector box adjacent to the burner so the sparking electrode catches the gas as soon as it comes from the burner.