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American Outdoor Grill Repairs and Replacement Parts.

The American Outdoor Grill is manufactired by R.H. Peterson, the same company who makes the FireMagic brand of gas grill and cooking appliances, avccessories and RealFyre Gas Log fireplaces. This is a high-end company with some of the most expensive products in the world. The AOG models were designed for the consumer who wants a high-quality backyard barbecue without all the bells and whistles. The features many homeowners do not need like digital read-outs, digital thermometers, lights, windows in the grill hood, electrical power to the barbecue and high prices are not available on the AOG models but really useful features like infrared sear burners, rotisserie options, lifetime warranty stainless fabrication and great performance are standard on the American Outdoor Grill.

built in grill outdoor kitchen
built in barbecue outdoor kitchen
built in bbq outdoor kitchen

American Outdoor Grill Replacement Parts

AOG Burners

AOG Grill Grates

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AOG Other Parts

AOG Models

AOG models are available as built in grills designed to fit into custom built outdoor kitchen islands. AOG grills are also designed to be mounted on a post or on a portable rolling cart.

This exploded view is a specification from the American Outdoor Grill manual. Use the exploded specification views to see how and where individual parts belong.

aog exploded view specification