American Outdoor Grill Built In Side Burner Outdoor Kitchen Grill Islands.

Built-In Side Burner For Outdoor Kitchen Grill Island Countertop.

The American Outdoor Grill drop-in side burner is available for outdoor kitchen grill islands. I fnd that a lot of clients do not use a side burner during daily barbecuing. However, many of my outdoor kitchen customers still want a built in side burner in a grill island for the rare occasion they will use it. The built in single side burner that drops into the countertop is perfect for this custom application. The side burner does not take up a lot of counterspace and the weather cover protects the burner while strong enough to lay a plate or drink on top.

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Electric spark ignition
  • 15,000 Btu Burner
  • Cast stainless grids
  • Flame control valve
  • Stainless weather cover
  • Natural gas or propane

Reliable quality and cooking is guaranteed at a price within your budget.

built in side burner for outdoor kitchen grill island


  • 14.25" x 8.75" x 4"
  • I have found this side burner can be installed in an outdoor kitchen above a refrigerator, depending the ability of the custom outdoor kitchen builder and the counter height.
outdoor kitchen grill island with infrared solaire, built in side burner and non UL rerigerator.


built in side burner instructions Installation and Care
Manual includes installation and safety instructions for your outdoor kitchen built in side burner. Warranty information is also listed in this document. Use and care is included with details for attaching gas, changing the ignition battery, manual lighting, exploded view of built in side burner, a replacement parts list and much more.

american outdoor grill built in sideburner in outdoor kitchen grill island