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Arkla Gas Barbeque Grill Repair Replacement Parts

One of the oldest gas barbecues in the country Arkla has also been called Preway and Embermatic. Arkla has had relationships with all of the older barbecues whose influences created the barbecues and installation options we know today. The basic design of the post-mounted Arkla is still duplicated today by contemporaries of Arkla like MHP. Most of the necessary replacement parts needed to repair an old Arkla Preway BBQ grill are available today.

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old arkla preway post mounted bbq grill

Arkla's Many Models:

2000 series, 2111K, 241AK, 241BC, 242NC, 242NC-1, 243KC, 3000U, 3000U6, 3001K, 3004U, 3004U6, 3021K, 3041U, 3049F, 3051K, 3051KG, 3051KG7, 32330, 32431-S, 32436, 3500 series, 3500B, 3501K, 3520U, 353KC, 3602K, 3602X, 4000U, 4000U6, 4020U, 4020U6, 4029F, 40390, 4040-NAT, 4040U, 4040U6, 4041K, 4041KN, 4041U, 4049F, 404UC, 4051K, 4051KN, 4052K, 4060U, 4060U6, 41391, 41410, 41438, 41439, 41493, 41494, 41530, 41531, 41593, 41630, 41630-S, 41631, 41632, 41693, 41992, 4202K, 42210, 42211, 42212, 42216, 42217, 42230, 42231, 42290, 42300, 42300-G, 42301, 42302-R, 42310, 42310-S, 42311, 42314, 42317, 42319, 42330, 42330-N, 42330-NS, 42331-N, 42380, 42381, 42382, 42385, 42386, 42387, 42388, 42389, 42390, 42391, 423KC, 42400, 42403, 42410, 42410-S, 42417, 42420, 42421, 42429, 42430, 42430-S, 42431-P, 42431-SP, 42439, 42480, 42481, 42482, 42483, 42484, 42490, 42491, 42500, 42501-RUF, 42505-GU, 42510, 42510-S, 42513, 42513-S, 42517, 42518, 42530, 42530-S, 42531-F, 42531-P, 42531-SP, 42533, 42538-P, 42580, 42581, 42582, 42583, 42584, 42585, 42587, 42588, 42590, 42591, 42600, 42601, 42601-2R, 42602, 42602-G, 42610, 42610-N, 42610-NP, 42610-NS, 42611-N, 42612-N, 42618-S, 42629, 42630-N, 42630-NS, 42639, 42639-S, 42680, 42681, 42682, 42683, 42684, 42691, 42791, 42992, 42993, 4420U, 4420U6, 4444K, 4451K, 4451KN, 4460U, 4460U6, 4461U, 4702K, 4752K, 48400, 48400-R, 48420, 551990, 551996, 552890, 552990, 553890, 553920, 553990, 553991, 561491, 561591, 561592, 561692, 561693, 562490, 562590, 562591, 563490, 563690, 6000-S-41001, 61310, 61400, 61400-1, 61400-G, 61401, 61410, 61411, 61501, 61501-R, 61503-R, 61510, 61511, 61512, 61600, 61600-1, 61601, 61601-RPU, 61602, 61610, 61610-1, 61610-S, 61611, 61611-S, 61612-1, 61612-S, 61614, 61615-1, 62300, 62310, 62312, 62400, 62401, 62401-RBF, 62410, 62420, 62510, 62511, 62600, 62601, 62601-RBF, 62610-S, 62612, 62612-S, 635NG, 640HD, 640NG, 644NG, A245E, A24AE, A30AE, A30AG, A35AE, A35AG, A47AE, D5272, E2101, E3011, E4734, E5249, EGA-30S, EP280C, G182-10B, G182-10L, G183-10B, G183-10L, G211-23I, G213-10B, G213-10L, G214-10L, G214-30B, G214-30L, G214-30L1, G214-32L, G244-23I, G244-24I, G244-24I1, G244-25I, G244-25I1, G244-25I2, G244-25I3, G244-25N, G244-25R, G244-25R1, G244-25R2, G244-6, G244-6C, G303-11B, G304-25A, G304-25A1, G304-25A5, G304-25A6, G304-25N, G304-26A, G304-32B, G304-32L, G304-4A, G304-4B, G304-4C, G304-6C, G304-B, G305-31B, G307-25N, G307-6, G324-25I, G324-25I1, G324-25I2, G324-25N, G324-25R, G324-25R2, G324-26A, G324-26A1, G324-26A2, G324-26A3, G324-26A4, G324-32I, G324-34I, G324-34I1, G324-4C, G324-5B, G344-11B, G344-32B, G344-32L, G344-33L1, G344-34I, G344-34I2, G344-34I3, G344-34I4, G344-34I5, G344-34I6, G344-34L, G344-38I, G345-33B, G345-34L, G347-25N, G364-4C, G364-6C, G404-25N, G404-26A, G404-26A1, G404-26A2, G404-4, G404-44A, G404-6, G404B, G405-33B, G405-34B, G407-25N, G416-35B, G416-36B, G416-36L, G416-37B, G416-37L, G424-25R, G424-34I, G424-39I, G424-4B, G424-4C, G424-6C, G444-25R, G444-26A, G444-26A1, G444-44A, G444-4B, G446-25N, G446-34I, G446-40I, G446-40I1, G447-25N, G447-44N, G447-58-44R, G464-4C, G464-5C, G464-6, G464-6C, G484-6, G484-6C, G527-6B, G527-6B-44R, G584-6C, GA-30C, GA241517, GA301517, GA350617, GA351517, GA400517, GA400617, GA440517, GA440617, GB21-332I, GB21-333I, GB30-330I, GB30C, GB40-330I, GBH-27C, GE300517, GE300617, GE350617, GE400517, GE400617, GF424-217SB, GF424-SB, GF424-SL, GF430-217-SB, GF430-286-EB, GF430-286-EI, GF430-292-EB, GF430-292-EL, GF430-329-EA, GF430-329-EI, GF430-EB, GF430-EI, GF430-EL, GF430-SB, GF430-SI, GF430-SL, GF540-286-EB, GF540-286-EL, GF540-286-SB, GF540-292-EB, GF540-292-EI, GF540-292-EL, GF540-292-ELV, GF540-292-EUB, GF540-330-EAV, GF540-330-EI, GF540-330-EI-1, GF540-330-EIV, GF540-EA, GF540-EB, GF540-EI, GF540-EI2, GF540-EIV, GF540-EL, GF540-EVB, GF540-SB, GP304-35L, GR0909, GR1515, GR1515, GR1515, GR1515-1, GR1515-160-SR, GR1515-160-ST, GR1515-163-EM, GR1515-172-EM, GR1515-212-SR, GR1515-213-SR, GR1515-217-ER, GR1515-286-EL, GR1515-3, GR1515-4, GR1515-5, GR1515-6, GR1515-EL, GR1515-SL, GR1515N-LP, GR1717, GR1717-290-EUV, GR1717-291-EUV, GR1717-EE, GR1717-EL, GR18, GR20, GR20-123, GR2020, GR2020, GR2020-A, GR2020-L1, GR30C-4, GR30C-5, GR40, GR40-CLP, GR40-CN, GR9-150, GRAA, GRB1515-A, GRB18, GRB20, GRB20-LI, GRB20-SL, GRB40, GRB40, GRB40-10602, GRB40-108N, GRB40-286-EL, GRB40-286-GIV, GRB40-286-GLV, GRB40-93, GRB40-CLP, GRB40-EL, GRB40-EL1, GRB40-ERV, GRB40-GIV, GRB40-GL, GRB40-GLV, GRB404-GL, GRB40C-N, GRB44-A, GRD30, GRD30-123, GRFF, GS0909, GS1010, GS1515-160-SR, GS1515-4, GS1515-5, GS1515-6, GS1515-ST, GS2020, GS2020, GS40, GS9-150, GSB18, GSB20, GT0909, GT1010, GT1515, GT1515-251U, GT1515-288U, GT1515-EU, GT1515-EUV, GT1515-EV, GT1515-SE, GT1515-SR, GT2020, GTB18, GTB20, Le Grill, N2401, N2401NT, N2422, N245C, N3632, P3022, P302C, P3052, P3052NT, P4052, P4201, P4252, P5252, Q305C, Q3541, Q354C, Q4041, Q407C, Q428C, Q4762, R4041, R4451, R5272, R528C, R5672, R568C, Regency-Grand, GR40-3, U3001, U3009, U3041, U3501, U3521, U3561, U4001, U4009, U4020, U4021, U403H, U4041, U4049, U4051, U4069, U4415, U4421, U4429, U5241, U5256, U5262, U5658, U5662, U5672, U5679, W4019, W4029, W4049, W4049-NAT
arkla embermatic H burner and venturi
Arkla Replacement Repair Gas Burners

arkla embermatic replacement cooking grates
Arkla Replacement Cooking Grates

arkla embermatic replacement heat shields and rock grates for briquette tray
Arkla Radiant Trays, Grids and Heat Shields

arkla embermatic repair parts for replacement
Arkla other Grill Repair Parts

Older barbecues almost exclusively used full sized burners in barbecues. These H burners have been engineered into thousands of barbeque models throughout the years and some manufacturers still use H burner designs today. H burners came in about six different sizes but with a thousand different venturi tube sizes and shapes mounted to the bottom.

As you can see in these 2 H burner designs the H burner had either one venturi tube opening with one venturi tube attached or the H burner had 2 venturi tube openings and two venturi tubes feeding gas to the grill burner. The double H burner is split inside the burner so a right control valve controls the right side of the burner and the left control valve controls the left side of the H burner. When TEC initially revealed the residential use infrared gas grills over twenty years ago they copied this design. The large TEC burners were rectangular and spanned the entire width of the gas grill. Inside the burner was split in half so two valves could control the left side and the right side of the gas grill with the newly invented infrared gas grill burner.