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Aussie & Meco Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Heat Shield.

Porcelain enamel steel heat shield replacement for Aussie gas barbecue grill repairs. Porcelain coating protects the steel heat plate from grease and heat to extend the life of the gas grill replacement parts. Not all of these replacement grill parts are manufactured exactly like the original Aussie grill parts but check the dimensions and see that they will properly repair the barbeque.

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Porcelain enamel coated steel heat plate for Aussie gas BBQ grill repair of models:

6623S8E641 -- 6623S8Y641 -- and others.

Slightly larger than 26 X 7 inches, radiant heat shields conduct heat while forcing convectional heat to circulate


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aussie porcelain coated steel replacement heat shield


Replacement porcelain steel heat plate for Aussie gas bbq grill models:

7710.8.641 -- 7710S8.641 -- and others.


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replacement heat shield for aussie gas bbq grill repair

porcelain steel heat plate to repair Aussie gas barbecue grill model:

4280 -- 4280-0A113 -- and others.


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porcelain enameled heat shield grill part
96051 Gas barbeque grill replacement porcelain steel heat plate for Aussie model:

8462-8-MR1 -- and others.


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aussie gas barbeque grill replacement heat shield
96301 Porcelain steel heat plate is not a perfect fit because of notches but this item will repair Aussie gas BBQ grill model:

6112S8X641 -- 6122S8X641 -- and others.


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heat shield replaces aussie vaporizers is not a perfect fit but dimensions are the same for grill repairs
96841 Single porcelain steel heat plate replaces both parts in the original gas barbeque grill. Although a different design this replacement heat shield will repair gas grill models:

6804T8KSS1 -- 6804T8UK91-- and others.


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single heat shield to replace both aussie barbeque plates
92311 Although it appears different this porcelain steel heat plate will repair Aussie gas barbeque grills:

6703C8FKK1 -- 6804S8-S11 -- and others.


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replacement heat shied for aussie barbecue looks different from original

The heat shield exists to deflect grease dropping from food as it barbecues. Moisture drips from the food from the convectional heat inside the closed gas grill hood and can flare up or drip into the burner and clog ports. The heat shield deflects the grease towards the drip tray and protects the barbeque grill burners.

aussie new model joey gas barbeque grill

Aussie Bondi

Heat plates also exist to assist with heat distribution. As heat is generated from the flames emitting from the burners it is easy to get hot and cold spots at the cooking surface. The heat plates force the heat to rise around the heat plate and through the slits in the plate to provide a more even distribution of heat at the grilling surface.

aussie new model vantage gas bbq grill

Aussie Bonza

aussie uluru stainless steel gas bbq grill

Aussie Koala