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Awesome Dry Rubs for You From www.Grill-Repair.com.

While I'd like to tell you this is some ancient receipe from my Florida Cracker Grandfather, that is not true. Well I do have (had) a Florida Cracker Grandfather, this is not his receipe. As far as I ever knew he was a heck of a motorcycle mechanic but not much of a chef. I found these in my travels enjoying barbeque everywhere I visit and I loved them. They are originally from a old Florida Cracker so I bought them.

I have tried a lot (a lot!!) of sauces and rubs. If you have read any of our Blog articles you know I grill on an infrared gas grill and use a ceramic kamado. I use the Bourbon Molassis rub whether I am grilling at 1400 degrees or barbecuing all day at 175 degrees. These are my personal favorite so I made an excuse to stock them. Hopefully you've already had a sampling that was delivered with your order.
We Send A Bottle of the dry rub FREE as a Thank You for Honest feedback and reviews.
I assume you will Love the flavors as we do!

Bourbon Molassis Dry Barbeque Rub

These two are my personal favorites. I have been using the Bourbon Molassis for many years for both low heat barbecuing and high heat grilling. The Bourbon Molassis has definitely been the most popular rub we have sold with waiting lists growing when we sell out of stock.

The Cajun Blackening is our second best selling - Tasting! - rub. Blackening is fun for charcoal grilling in the flames, I usually throw a shot of whiskey on the steaks to candy the marblization. However, for a few weeks my barbeque grill was inoperable and I had to use the indoor kitchen (gasp!) and I used the Blackening rub to great effect in a frying pan.

Both of these dry rubs are great sellers because they're awesomely accentuating foods natural flavor which is the whole reason we BBQ anyway; a little or a lot will add great flavor to barbecuing.

Cajun Blackening Dry Barbeque Rub

The "Purchase" buttons have been removed not because we no longer have these amazing dry rubs but because we've chosen to only give them away for Free.

Instead, we send the small sample pouches when shipping regular transactions. All the transactions we ship will have an added packet of the dry rub seasoning. In addition to the pouches, we also stock full sized bottles. We send the bottles as Thank You gifts for clients who leave honesty in public.

Usually about 999 out of 1,000 customers will be upset. Sometimes they'll catch me or someone here on a bad day and because we're human and not perfect, we're having a day. Usually, most clients who are upset are angry because they have selected something incorrect but cannot admit fault or are accustomed to complaining causing a reversal of accountability.

I value accountability too much for this.

Unfortunatley, the one client who is angry will actively seek websites to leave negative feedback One-Hundred Percent of the time!

For the other 999 customers, while we appreciate the telephone call compliments and the emailed Thanks, we would like to dilute the negativity online with honesty and reviews denoting an experience more common to all. We send the bottles of dry rubs and other cooking accessories as gifts for such honesty in public.
...and it is delicious!