BBQGrillWare Replacement Parts for BBQ Grill Repair.

BBQ GrillWare model barbecues have been available for a lot longer than the typical imported barbecue. Many of the models are very well made and last for a very long time. Below is a sampling of replacement igniters, fittings and BBQ connections to repair BBQ Grillware barbeque grills.

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electrode with mounting bracket BBQ Grillware

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bbq grillware grill parts ignition electrode

Spark generator module to replace BBQGrillware gas bbq grill ignition systems. This module has 4 male spades on the back to allow it to send sparks to as many as 4 BBQGrillware igniter electrodes. AAA battery installs inside the button. The module attaches through the control panel.


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BBQGrillware gas barbeque grill replacement spark generator module for barbecue grill igniter repair

BBQGrillware rotary spark generator module for gas bbq grill repair. Ignition module generates the spark and sends it to the electrode insode the BBQGrillware bbq grill to ignite gas. Attaches with 2 simple screws through the control panel.


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BBQGrillware rotary ignitor bbq grill repair replacement

Double outlet spark generator module for older model Profile gas BBQ grill ignition systems. Module has two outlets to light two burners by attaching 2 electrodes.


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rotary ignitor replacement ducane gas grill

Gas BBQ grill repair rotary igniter with three outlets to fit older BBQGrillware barbecue grill models. This spark generator module attaches to as many as three electrodes inside the barbeque grill.


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rotary bbq grill ignitor with three outlets for BBQGrillware grill repair
80012 replacement hose and regulator for LP gas tank. Fits 20 lb liquid propane tanks $28.

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replacement hose and reglator for lp gas grills bbq grillware
80024 24" LP hose and regulator $35.

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bbq grillware grill parts regulator
80034 LP regulator with two hoses for side burner applications $45.

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lp gas regulator with 2 hoses bbq grill ware
850 Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Dial the timer to One, Two or Three hours and be certain there is No Chance of someone making a mistake and leaving the barbecue grill burning or the gas running. Gas line is turned OFF when the timer runs out even if the barbecue grill is still turned on. A safety feature for homes with children, neighbors and commercial or shared properties. $60.

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gas timer for safe use of propane and natural gas

Replacement shelf to hold burners in the back of the barbecue. 22.5 inches can be adjusted plus extra mounting brackets and collector boxes will help install around the burners in the grill. Adjust burners level on the grill.

Burner Shelf Detail

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adjustableburner shelf kit
Burner Shelf Detail
bbq grillware grilling hamburger

bbqgrillware grilled meat

convection style barbecuing heat build up

Standard barbecuing uses wood and flash fired wood charcoal. Heat is kept low so food cooks slow and as moisture gets pulled out of the food the food absorbs flavored smoke. A gas barbecue mimics this effect without smoke... and without flavor. The idea is to step up the heat to 400 and 500 degrees and cooking a little faster because there is not smoke to absorb. The barbecue burners do not get hot enough to actually cook food so we light the burners and close the BBQ hood so the air trapped in the hood holds heat. Like an over or a broiler eventually the hot air trapped in the hood is hot enough to cook. The higher the heat the less time for moisture to escape and the lower the heat the more dripping and clean up needed.