BBQ Grillware Replacement BBQ Grilling Heat Shield Vaporizers

BBQ Grillware heat shield vaporizers and briquette or lava rock trays deflect dripping grease, marinades and sauces while barbecuing to protect the burners from allowing dirt and moisture to cause rust. Heat shields and lava trays also force a diffusion of heat to provide an even distribution of heat at the cooking grate. Additional heat is generated by lava rocks and briquettes as radiant heat when the burners heat the metal shield, lava rocks and briquettes which in turn radiate extra heat just beow the grilling grids.

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porcelain enamel steel heat plate BBQ Grillware $24.

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bbq grill ware grill parts heat plate shield
porcelain enameled steel heat plate for BBQ Grillware gas barbecue grills. $30.

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bbq grill ware grill parts heat plate shield
porcelain coated for protection steel heat plate fits BBQ Grillware bbq grill models from lowes.


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bbq grill ware grill parts heat plate shield

Long porcelain enameled steel heat shield vaporizer for BBQ Grill ware model barbeque grills. Vaporizer shields protect the burners from deteoration, spread heat evenly and vaporize dripping sauces and grease to add flavor to the heat circulating in the barbecue.


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porcelain heat shield vaporizer

Universal adjustable porcelain enameled steel heat shiled acts as a vaporizer plate below the cooking grates. This univeral vaporizer shield is 8.5 inches deep and adjusts from 19 inches long to 29 inches long. The adjustable heat shield is heavy duty material with thick enamel for long lifespan outdoors.


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universal adjustable heat shield vaporizer
41070 ceramic briquettes. 60 briquette shaped ceramic rocks for even heat distribution. Sufficient quantity for all full sized grills. $27.

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gas grill briquettes
41651 Pyromid Briquettes. 60 red pyramid shaped permanent briquettes. non-porous, retains heat longer with even heat distribution. Sufficient quantity for a full sized grill. $30.

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bbq grill briquettes
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As you can see in the image above a vaporizer heat shield is installed above the barbecue grill burner so the heat is diffused by the shield. Heavier shields will also absorb and radiate additional heat for grilling as the cooking grates are just above the radiant shield.

dcs built in grill parts kegerator

Some heat shield are too thin to radiate heat and some are designed to also hold lava rocks or briquettes which absorb and radiate extra heat to the grilling grids while also vaporizing dripping grease. Vaporizing drippings while barbecuing adds flavor the the convectional heat circulating insode the closed BBQ hood and protects the burners from moisture that limit the life span of the bbq grill burner.

BBQ Grillware is a branding through Lowes store.

installation specification showing all dcs 27 bbq grill parts

Clean Porcelain coated BBQ grill parts by utilizing the heat of the barbecue and a good degreaser. Scraping a porcelain enameled heat shield or rubbing the material with a grill brush will eventually cause the porcelain to scratch as deep as the steel. Porcelain is used to protect the steel sot he vaporizer does not rust but scraping through to the metal will eventually allow the plate to rust and need to be replaced to repair the barbecue grill.