BBQ Pro Gas BBQ Grill Burner Replacements

Stainless steel replacement burners designed to fit gas grill models by BBQ Pro grills. Model numbers are listed with each replacement burner although there are a lot more models than those listed. This is just a guide. Look at your BBQ and take measurements of the burners to be certain of the grill repair burner replacement. There is also a universal burner which will adjust from 12 inches to 18.5 inches and will work with most BBQ Pro barbecues. If you cannot locate the repair parts needed for your barbecue please contact Majestic Grill Parts at 954-2-GRILL-2 which is also 9.

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Replacement stainless steel barbecue burner for BBQ Pro. This burner fits models including: BQ05041-28 and BQ51009 and several other models of Kenmore and Outdoor Gourmet grill.


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replacement u burner for bbq pro model grills

Stainless Steel 15 3/8 inch replacement burner used for grill repair of BBQ Pro models BQ05041-28 and BQ51009 and other barbecues sold through Sams and Sears.


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replacement pipe burner for bbq pro grill models

Stainless Steel 14.75 inch replacement burner used for grill repair of BBQ Pro models barbecues sold through Sams and Sears.


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pipe burner for bbq pro grill models

Replacement pipe burner 13 1/4 inches long for BBQ Pro models: BQ04028 BG04025 BQ04023-2, BQ04023-1 and BQ04023 and several other models with other brand names. Stainless burner with ignition electrode mounting plate, installation hole and adjustable air shutter.


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stainless replacement burner for BBQ Pro barbeque repair5

Burner Support Shelf comes with extra brackets and extra collector boxes to allow for installation in hundreds of barbecue grill models. Hold burners in place and level for better flame patterns and cross-over ignition.

Burner Shelf Detail

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adjustableburner shelf kit
Burner Shelf Detail
21218 Universal Adjustable Tube Pipe Burner
Stainless Steel replacement gas burner adjusts from 12 inches to 18 inches to fit a variety of gas bbq grills. Adjustable air shutter on venturi.
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adjustable bbq grill replacement gas burner pipe
stainless pipe burner air shutter

All of the BBQ Pro replacement burners will have this air shutter adjustment attached to the venturi tube of the burenr. The tube fits onto the orifice at the tip of the control valve. When a burner is installed the air shutter needs to be re-adjusted to ensure proper gas and air mixture and a proper flame pattern.

burner support shelf with installation brackets

Use the support shelf at the back of the grill firebox so the burners are always supported and always level. Gas will sink to the lowest level and burn unevenly if the burners are not level.

The control valve fits into the venturi of the replacement burner and must be in the burner perfectly straight to prevent gas leaks inside the control panel.

burner shelf with adjustable cross over boxes