BBQ Pro Cooking Grate Replacement Grid For All Grill Models.

Replacement cooking grates for models of BBQ Pro barbecues are listed below. If you need a replacement part that is not listed please contact Majestic Grill Parts. With older barbeque models it is not uncommon to need to replace cooking grates by the size of the original grids or the size of the actual firebox.

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New stainless steel replacement cooking grates for many BBQ Pro models are a set of Three grilling grids.


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set of bbq pro stainless steel cooking grates

Two cast iron porcelain coated cooking grates.


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cast iron set of bbq pro cooking grates

New cast iron replacement set of cooking grates for BBQ Pro models BQ4023. Protective porcelain enamel has a matte finish for look and feel of cast iron.


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cast iron set of bbq pro cooking grates

Three Section Replacement Cooking Grate Set. Gloss enamel protected cooking grates are 18.75 inches deep for many BBQ Pro barbecue grill models. Total width with all three grates is just under 25 inches.


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cast iron set of bbq pro cooking grates

Porcelain coated glossy finish over heavy cast iron set of three cooking grates fit many BBQ Pro barbeque gril models. Depth is 18.75 inches and all three grates cover fire box width just under 27 inches.


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gloss enamel cast iron set of bbq pro cooking grates

Stainless steel set of three BBQ Pro cooking grids. Depth of grid installation is 18 5/8 inches front to back and less than 31 inches wide.


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stainless steel set of bbq pro cooking grates

Porcelain coated steel grilling grate set replaces cooking grates in many BBQ Pro gas grill models.


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set of bbq pro steel cooking grates with protective porcelain enamel

Set of replacement cooking grates fabricated with steel grids coated with thick porcelain.


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set porcelain enamel coated steel of bbq pro cooking grates

Matte finish cast iron set of cooking grates.


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cast iron set of bbq pro cooking grates

In my own few decades working on gas appliances I have seen BBQ Pro models that looked like huge expensive DCS gas grills designed to last forever and I have seen inexpensive BBQ Pro grills that looked like they would not last more than a couple of years. Apparently the company had a wide array of models and designs to fit a lot of different types of customers and type of cooking.

None of the replacement BBQ grill parts we have for BBQ Pro barbecues are from the original manufacturer because the company has not fabricated anything in a very long time. These cooking grates and the burners, valves, ignitors, radiants and heat shields we stock are all manufactured by other grill companies. When another fabrication company believes these models will be repaired and are worth the cost of repairing the company will manufacture the replacement parts when running their own grill parts. For this reason the actual materials are what these other barbeque companies are using and may not be the same as the BBQ Pro original grids.

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