As shown in this brief tutorial video the instructions and physical process of replacing Solaire burners is very simple and safe in all models.    In this video we’re showing the removal and installation of a convection heat U burner and an infrared burner in  Solaire barbecue grill models.    Although the sizes of the burners are obviously different, the actual installation and removal processes are the same.

Solaire Burners and all other parts for grill repair.

As we have seen above, Solaire barbecue grill burners are easily removed and installed.  Working on gas appliances a couple of decades, I can assure you most repairs are not so simple.    Solaire gas grills are not only extraordinarily effective grills, versatile for all kinds of different types of cooking but very simple to repair when necessary.

install infrared burner solaire bbq grill

usually we can only see this inside firewall when installing this infrared burner.

When removing the Solaire burner we lift the burner from the back and as we are raising the back of the burner we slide the burner away from us.  Slide the burner towards the back of the grill so the front venturi tube slides off the control valve we cannot see until the tube is completely free from this front wall.   This completely removes the burner from the grill.   No screwdrivers or wrenches, no bolts covered in the last 10 years of cooking, no rusted brackets to remove, Simple and Safe!

Towards the lower right side of the picture notice the ignition electrode bolted to the wall so the steel ignition rods extend out over the burner.   The ignitor electrode does not need to be removed to access or slide out the burner or install the new burner.

install u burner solaire gas bbq grill

Seeing more of the wall when installing the U burner does not help. Note the groove on the left side of the image allows the ignitor to move up and down.

This image shows the same basic angle as above but obviously the U shaped burner.   Removing the U burner is exactly the same process of lifting the burner from the back and sliding the burner towards the back of the grill until the center feed tube is off the valve and  slides out of this front wall.

Grill parts for Solaire models 30 and larger.

When we install the new burner this process is reversed.   Insert the front venturi tube through this round hole in the front firewall and slide the tube over the tip of the control valve.     We cannot see the burner tube slide over the orifice at the end of the valve so we slightly wiggle the burner as we are sliding the center tube over the valve.   Once the small round opening is over the valve we will feel this because the burner will not longer be able to wiggle back and forth once the orifice is inside the small opening in the burner tube.

This center venturi tube has an air shutter at the tip where the burner slides over the valve and the air shutter will usually need to be adjusted when a new U burner is installed.   When we receive a new burner, there is no way for the air adjustment shutter to be pre-set to match our area, fuel type or fuel pressure.    This air shutter is essentially a carburetor designed to allow fuel to mix with oxygen as fuel flows into the burner.

instal solaire u burner back support attachment

Inside the back of the grill both the infrared and U burner have a channel to attach to the back support.

This image shows inside the grill, just inside the back wall where there is a support beam installed to support both infrared and u burners.   Both burner types have a bracket like an upside down “U” to fit on top of this bar.   This keeps the burner from moving front and back or left and right inside the grill and makes the burner installation very safe.    With the bracket in place, the front of the burner — which is installed over the orifice at the tip of the gas valve — cannot move at all.


solaire 27 u burner install support in gas bbq grill

Installation of smaller u burner models has a different back support with the same results

Smaller Solaire gas BBQ grill models have a slightly different back support locking design but the effect is the same.    The infrared burner and the U burner in the various smaller Solaire grill sizes have a support bar with small cut-out openings for the burner bracket to drop into which ensures the burner is unable to move inside the grill.

Grill Repair parts for Solaire 27 models.

solaire install burner orifice valve ignitor

solaire infrared grill — install burner over orifice at valve next to ignitor electrode which adjusts up and down for efficient ignition with any burner.

Once the burner installation is completed, check the electrode highlighted purple in this picture.    The electrode is more effective in the higher position when an infrared burner is installed and the electrode is moved to the lower position when a U burner is installed.    This allows the electrode to place the ignition spark exactly where the fuel will first flow from the burner so ignition is immediate and safe.

When installing a new burner there are other considerations after the burner is installed.    Always check ignition for safety because gas flows from the burners when the valves are turned on regardless of whether the ignitors are working or broken and gas flowing without ignition can be very dangerous, even fatal.

Also check the flames and heat of the new burner.   Infrared burners will need a couple minutes to pressurize and will look like the top of the burner is glowing orange.   Convectional U burners will have a row of flames above the burner ports (holes) and these flames should be approximately 1 – 1.5 inches tall, blue with a white or yellow tip.    Flames too small or too tall or too colorful imply improper carburetor setting so the adjustable air shutter at the front tip of the burner will need to be adjusted.

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Video Assistance for Replacement Control Valve Gasket Installation To Repair BBQ Grill Gas Leaks.

Although there are several different methods for a barbecue grill control valve to be installed into a gas barbeque grill, the connection we are concerned with today is the very common clamp-on connection.  Inside the control panel of a gas BBQ is the gas manifold pipe connected to your fuel and each control valve clamps on to this manifold pipe to pull fuel from the manifold pipe into the grill burner.    The manifold pipe has a small opening for the valve to slide into and a round o – ring gasket seals this opening so no fuel leaks from the control valve connection.

Control valve gasket seals gas flow from manifold into valve

Control valves that clamp onto manifold gas pipe have o-ring gasket to seal gas pressure.

Shown here, the gasket is red and is installed just inside the rounded top section of the clamped section of this grey aluminum control valve.    All lamp on valves have this same gasket; they are not usually red.    As we can see in this image the manifold pipe installed across the barbecue grill control panel has a lot of discoloration which is almost always the case in every outdoor appliance.   Over time the manifold will become dirty, rusty, corrosive even though it is not in the cooking area of the fire box.   This can cause problems with the tight seal of the gasket or even when installing the valve as shown here.   Make sure the manifold is clean because a single drop of grease or a bubble of rust-spotting can interrupt the gas seal.



rounded edge of gasket matches manifold pipe

Install valve gasket so gasket curve matches rounded manifold pipe.

The most common reason we will have to examine inside the control panel for fuel leaks at the control valve and valve gasket is heat from our BBQ.   When a barbecue is cooking with the lid down heat is usually being vented at the back of the closed lid so there is a limit to how much heat can build up and stabilize at any time.

Often when the back of the barbecue faces the ocean or any area that allows wind to blow at this back hood ventilation, the hottest part of convectional heat is unable to be pushed out of the grill.    Heat will leak forward into the control panel where it is well known to damage ignition wiring, valve lubrication and these sealed gaskets.

Remove and clean inside the valve for ne gasket installation.

Remove and clean inside the valve for new gasket installation.

Depending on how much heat has been pushed into the control panel area, a control valve stem, which connects to the knob, will eventually become sticky and “freeze” because of damage to the internal lubrication.   The gasket allowing a very minute fuel leak is typically a more immediate problem.

If the gasket is permitting fuel to leak. this can cause a typical LP tank’s safety features to become activated so the propane does not flow properly to the manifold but the bigger problem is if the fuel does flow and leaks inside the control panel while also feeding fuel through the manifold pipe, control valves, and into the barbecue grill burners.    Obviously this is highly dangerous because we will ignite the BBQ and witness the burners as if all is functioning properly without seeing there is fuel flowing inside the control panel which will eventually ignite.

Remove the gasket that has been damaged so the inside of the control valve clamp is clean and reinstall the new gasket so the curve of the gasket mirrors the curvature of the manifold valve.

Always tighten Very Well and Always check for leaks!

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Video installation instructions for Turbo barbecue repair control valve installation in models like the BBQ Galore Turbo Challenger, STS, Elite and other grill models.

This Turbo control valve has been discontinued and the last of the replacement valves have been installed so the replacements are extinct.  Because we still have a lot of clients contact us for this replacement control valve necessary for BBQ Galore BBQ grill repairs, wee have worked with a handful of other replacement valves until we discovered a valve we could use to repair these Challenger, STS, Classic, Turbo Elite and other barbeque models.

Fortunately, the replacement control valve Also fits the original control knobs and the original LP and NG orifices!

Original Turbo STS and Challenger barbecue grill control valve.

Original Turbo STS and Challenger barbecue grill control valve.

In this image we can see the original control valve attached to the manifold pipe.   This image is from the original Turbo STS model by BBQ Galore.  Over several years there have been several different versions of STS models sold by BBQ Galore.   This is the first version of the Turbo STS which has a separate ignitor assembly so the control valve has nothing to do with the parts that cause ignition in the BBQ grill.    Later Turbo STS models has Two different control valve designs but both of the later Turbo STS control valves have an integrated igniter built into the design of the control valve.  Only the first Turbo STS model has these control valves that do not trigger the sparking that will ignite the gas burners.

Clamp on installation valves tested to replace Turbo control valves

Clamp on installation valves tested to replace Turbo control valves for Challenger and STS models.

These models are very old and the one shown here is a barbecue a local customer asked us to dispose of for them.  Instead of a dump-site we brought the barbecue back to our warehouses to repair and clean and eventually give away looking brand new with all new parts.  For now we removed the seriously damaged manifold pipe and coated it with a heavy viscous paint to protect the badly corroded manifold pipe.

Once the gas manifold was clearly going to be able to be used again we started testing control valves.  Several valves seemed capable of working but as shown in the image here, using any of these other control valve replacements would necessitate also replacing the gas orifices and the knobs with every valve which would increase the repair costs considerably.  We could Make these control valves function in these barbecues but the replacement would be more expensive and complicated than necessary.

So we kept trying…

The control valves we Did finally install has the Same valve stem to fit the original control knob (if desired) and the same threading for the gas orifice which determines if the valve will control propane or natural gas.  As we show in the installation video above we can re-use the original gas orifices and the original control knobs.

replacement gas control valve with ignition momentary integrated to valve stem

replacement gas control valve with ignition momentary integrated to valve stem

More importantly we can identify these pieces so the controls Are Able to be replaced just as we can Very Easily Replace the orifices if we need to convert the type of fuel the barbecue grill is using.    Other valve options has other benefits but this is the valve that will function most like the original.

Need a control valve to repair a Turbo barbecue grill model of STS or a Challenger, Elite, Classic or some other replacement?  The URL above will easily transport Your Browser to a page of our site where these control valves are available along with other versions of the Turbo models and other parts for ignition, burners, briquette trays and supports and anything you could need to repair any Turbo barbeque model and get back to cooking!

From this page we can also transport to a page of replacement BBQ grill burners and to a page of briquettes and supports cooking grates and contact experts for any assistance necessary.



Rotisserie Thermocouple Valve Keeps Turning Off Burner – Explanation Repair and Use.

Often customers contact us for assistance because a infrared rotisserie burner will turn on but then turns itself off when the control knob is released.   Rotisserie infrared back burners should keep burning until we turn them off!     Usually when a client contacts us with this complaint the assumption is that the thermocouple is not functioning or the burner is damaged but about ninety nine percent of the time neither of these are problematic.    The safety feature of the control has a spring loaded solenoid which can be easily damaged, even inside the body of the valve.

What we are trying to demonstrate here is what and where and how this works but also how to “cheat” past this safety mechanism — but do not do this at home.   This is more like a thought experiment or something a highly experienced, licensed (and insured) gas technician may consider but what we show here is meant as a thought experiment showing functionality and processes, not instructions to follow.

The hood of a gas grill is designed so the hottest part of  convectional heat takes the widest diameter circulation and flows out the back of the gap behind the grill hood.    When wind is blowing off the ocean or across a lake or simply blowing in this direction it can easily hinder the ability for this hottest air circulation to escape.    Over time our control valves will get sticky and will eventually “freeze”, or stop turning because over time the lubrication has been slowly damaged by this heat.

The rotisserie valve solenoid is a lot more fragile.   While the control valve sin this environment could take 7-10 years to “freeze” the rotisserie solenoid has a thin plastic housing around the copper coil and iron core and this is very easily warped by heat.

Although not easy to see without un-assembling the rotisserie control valve, this solenoid is often exactly the reason the rotisserie turns the burner off when ever we remove our hand from holding down the control knob as shown in the repair video above.

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The gas barbecue grill Elite models by OCI were truly exceptional gas grills with tremendous longevity and legendary design features.     Unfortunately the stability of the company did not last and these awesome grills did not remain in fabrication for even a decade.     The video instructions below demonstrate how to remove the control panel from an Outdoor Concepts, Inc.  gas barbecue grill.

OCI gas grill parts are shown described sold and shipped from:

oci gas bbq grill repair parts

The OCI gas barbecue grill Elite models include the E36 and the E48 which both integrate a pressurized infrared burner at the far right side of the grilling surface.      Infrared gas burners will typically heat above One Thousand Degrees inside Two Minutes!    Grilling at searing temperatures is what these are made to do.   The U burners in an OCI gas bbq grill are also able to be very hot and these U shaped burners have heavy stainless steel rod trays installed above the burners so the convectional heat coupled with the conductive heat radiating off these all stainless rod trays in enormous has the ability to grill above restaurant-quality searing temperatures even without the infrared burner.

However, the OCI Elite models also have a smoker and a rotisserie with their own dedicated burners and cooking system accessories.    These OCI gas barbecue grill models were made to be fully capable of every and any kind of cooking style and at any type of temperature type and temperature level.    Of course the goal of this particular post is not to be a cheerleader for OCI grills but showing the information in the video tutorial above.

OCI control panel bbq grill repair parts

OCI Control Panel Design Does Not Seem To Have Any Hardware Holding The Control Panel In Place.

The OCI Elite models control panel always had a nice clean appearance without bolts or screws at the four corners.  There are no visible means of production across the control panel.     Only when we need to repair something or access the control area for some reason do we realize we need to understand how the control panel is removed — and removed properly.

Inside the OCI control panel.

Inside The OCI Control Panel We Can See The Rotisserie Controls, Burner Valves, Ignition Assembly, Gas Manifold, and Access Anything Necessary To Repair The Grill Or Adjust Performance.

As we will have seen in the instructional video shown above, the lower drip tray slides completely out so we are able to look up inside the control panel and realize each far side of the control panel has 3 bolts holding each side in place — this is a Lot when compared to other gas grills and is really a bit much when the overall design makes to seem as though there is no hardware at all!

Six Bolts holding the control panel in place!

Fortunately, as shown in our tutorial video above, we really only have to actually extract the very lowest left and the lowest right side bolts.

Once the lowest left and right side bolt is removed from under and behind the control panel — easier typed than accomplished but not too bad I promise — the rotisserie button and the rotisserie bezel Must Be Removed with the control knobs.

Now suitably naked, the control panel will shift about a half-inch up and slide out of the front of the gas grill. Try to keep the left and right side even so the cut-out “L” shaped slot does not get caught with tension from one side getting too far ahead.     It is possible to keep the control anel perfectly straight and level by sliding up and then sliding out the lower bolt before the higher bolt which is how we pull the control panel out in the video.

Once the control panel is free the only resistance will be determined by the length of the momentary switch button wires which simply pull free.

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OCI gas grill parts are shown described sold and shipped from:

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