How Much Will It Cost To Install a Wood Burning Fireplace?

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The question we saw was actually “how much does it cost to install a wood burning fireplace in a trailer?”.  I assume the question is referring to a mobile home although I suspect I would be afraid to install a wood burning fireplace in a mobile home.  The answer that was listed as the “best answer” — and these sites seem to have an unending stream of misinformation and idiotic answers — reads as follows:

stainless fire box insert for wood burning vented fireplaceHow much it cost to install a wood burning fireplace in a mobile home depends on the installer. It cost as low as $1,000. It is a great idea to make sure to get estimates from many installers

Installing a wood-burning fireplace can be done in a few ways.  There are masons who build custom enclosures and chimneys but this is a very antiquated manner of building that involves a lot of time and expense in addition to possibly causing problems in the future with non-standardized sizes if a door kit is needed or anything else.

Starting with a blank floor, a blank wall most gas or wood burning fireplaces start with the purchase of a fireplace kit.  A fireplace kit is a firebox made out of metal with the inner opening lined with firebrick where the opening of the fireplace will be visible.

Using a standard pre-made fire box that is properly insured and certified ensures the fireplace is properly insulated, properly designed to send heat and fumes to the chimney opening and of a standard opening to allow for a screen or doors, shields, blowers and any other accessories available for fireplaces.  With a custom masonry fireplace the addition of a blower or a set of doors cold involve major renovations of the design was not originally created for these particular accessories.  With a fire box insert there s always an accessory made for that particular box.

Once the box is in place — and the fire box is insulated to allow it to rest directly on the floor —  whatever design the home owner likes can be built around the box.  The fire box is made for building up to it with wood supports or steel framing.  With the box and flue pipe in place the installer only has to concentrate on the design of the finished facade that the home owner wants built in their home.

Using a metal fire box insert is the safest and surest way to build-in a custom fireplace.          The insert kit for the fireplace usually includes the fire box, flue pipe, fire stops that line the flue opening in the ceiling and the termination cap that sits on top of the chimney flue.  Optional accessories in these kits include additional flue pipe for taller roofs, fire stop sleeves to insulate the hot pipe through an opening, flashing to finish the hole in the roof where the chimney comes through and doors, trims, heat shields, wire screens and a electrical blower to push heat further into the room.  The fireplace kits with all these pieces to be installed inside the fireplace start at approximately $800. and can run as high as $8000. depending on the fireplace and the brand.  Both wood and gas fireplaces are available as small as two-feet wide and can be big enough to walk through so the price range can be quite wide.

custom marble built gas fireplace

Custom outdoor gas fireplace with stainless hearth accents and trim and split face marble walls.

Back to the question of placing a custom fireplace in a trailer that may not work at all.  Although the fire box insert is insulated and certified to arrest heat and sparks and the flue always double or triple walled to create a pull of hot air out and cool air down and into feed the flames there are rules for placing fireplaces in rooms with minimal square footage.

Mobile home trailers do have very small rooms.  In many places and working with local building codes it is often necessary to install a gas fireplace because gas fireplace manufacturers sell a low-output gas fireplace which only pulls 10,000 BTU’s of gas in order to be permitted in smaller rooms.  The process of building the fireplace is the same although a vent-free fireplace will cost slightly less because the kit will not have a chimney flue or related pieces  although the ventless gas fireplace insert will have more insulation all around the opening of the fireplace.

A direct vent or a b-vent fireplace has a solid plate of glass across the opening and these are often used in small rooms, bathrooms or even bedrooms if building codes permit a fire in the sleeping area.  Where these rules are strict wood-burning fireplaces get too hot, emit popping sap that can be tossed out of the fireplace and create too much air-particle emissions to be safe in small rooms.  A direct vent fireplace has a plate of glass on the front opening of the fireplace while the flames are burning so no fumes are permitted into a home.  The glass wall allow the fireplace to be vsble while forcing all the fumes into the venting and radiating heat through the glass.

Of course many people do not love a direct vent fireplace because the glass front makes the fireplace seem like a television.  Direct vent fireplaces have gotten a lot of new stories lately because small children and pets without qualified parents to instruct them on such things have hurt themselves touching this hot glass.  A direct vent kit with the venting and   termination are usually sold for $1500 – $2500. although these also have tremendous sizes that can be very expensive.

By the time we buy the fire place insert and the installation and dealing with finishing materials and local building codes the fire place generally cost about $4000. and higher.

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