Barbecue Restaurant Get Grease Stolen…Grease?

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Another very strange news article discovered scanning the globe fro news about barbecuing, smoking, grilling and enjoying life.  This one really does have me puzzled though:

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Apparently outside security cameras witnessed 3 different robberies where thieves went to fast food restaurants and barbecue restaurants and pumped out the used grease from the grease trap pout back.  Many of us have worked at restaurants and been through restaurants so we know those grease traps are really disgusting — and that;s from the outside; the inside has got be even more disgusting.

These thieves pull up, pump out all the used grease and then they drive away with all this used disgusting grease dripping out through the pump to their truck.  Police said there was a thick nasty line of grease covering 16 blocks through the city.  They had to use over 50 bags of sand or something to soak up the used grease and clear the 16 blocks.

What are people going to do with used grease?

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