Clean BBQ Grill Stainless: Rust, Acid Stains, Chemical, Burn Marks, and More!

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Although every barbecue technician has their own specific type of cleaner they choose to use on-site, most (all!) will tell you stainless steel showing damage, corrosion, discoloration from heat-transfer, chlorine damage, acid, and other chemicals cannot be cleaned.  More than a few times we have been contacted by landscape companies, paver companies, contractors stamping concrete and hand-man companies using acid or harsh chemicals to clean stone and concrete because of a slight splash or light misting from wind blowing a slight amount of chlorine or hydrochloric acid onto stainless steel built in grills, built in access doors, refrigerators, etc.  These companies were on site to clean pavers or seal a concrete stamped deck but when the acid misted the stainless the material showed discoloration and corrosion almost immediately.  No matter how much cleaning they attempted the stainless still showed scars of discoloration.

We have sold control panels, new hoods, access doors, drawers, outdoor refrigerators and other stainless accessories for barbecue grills and outdoor kitchens because the paver company had to pay to replace all this equipment.    For instance a landscape company cleaning brick pavers gets a slight sheen of acid on the stainless while they’re cleaning the bricks and they just lost three, four, five thousand dollars because they have to replace a Viking gas grill and a thirty-six inch built in access door insert.

Of course before coming to someone like us to buy all this new replacement equiptment these companies will hire anyone they can find and try every trick they can find out about while trying to clean the stainless and avoid this tremendous expense.  What most do not realize is that there is an incredible stainless cleaner that reverses the chemical reactions that normal cleaning agents cannot touch!

When I first heard this I did not believe it.  I had to test this product myself many, many times before I was truly convinced   Even then, I also gave sample bottles to colleagues in landscaping, paver and pool companies to allow them to test the product and back up my own experience.  They came back clamoring for more!

Although this video is fast — I really (Really!!) dislike videos claiming to show something but then spending 85% of the video telling me how great they are and running promotional stuff before seeing what the title of the video claimed! — we really shit this in real-time.  This means I took this badly mis-treated Capital barbecue grill with the disgusting hood  and I poured the product on the stainless and I wiped off the corrosion while the video camera shot one continuous shot.  The same is true of the 25 year old DCS48A model with the badly discolored hood which is caused from heat transfer.  The reason high-end gas grills using American made 304 stainless steel will have a double-walled-grill-hood is because there is (was!) nothing that could remove the discoloration caused by intense temperatures.  Stainless will slowly take-on an orange tint that almost looks like rust but only in color.  Before I started using this cleaner I had never found anything that would remove discoloration from heat-transfer on high-quality stainless steel.

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