Custom Gas Fire Pit Installed To Match Outdoor Kitchen.

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View Custom Fire Pit From 2 Sides

Custom gas fire pit with stacked slate stone and dark granite to match outdoor kitchen.

This custom gas fire pit was designed to match the custom outdoor kitchen we built.  The grill island was featured in the post earlier today.  The fire pit has a stainless steel ring burner inside the granite counter top with lava rocks and steel reinforced ceramic fireplace logs.

Any structure with a gas tank or a gas line inside must have a minimum of ten square inches of clean are access.  On outdoor kitchens we install stainless steel vent covers on the back or the side of the island where the vents are inconspicuous.   Clean air is necessary and demanded by law because if the gas line ever leaks the gas must be vented out of the enclosure.  With LP we want to place the vents as low to the ground as possible because liquid propane vapors are heavier than are and will sink to the floor.  Natural Gas is lighter than air so when we install and island with natural gas we  mount the stainless vents higher.

Because a fire pit has a lot less surface space it is not easy to place the vents that allow clean air into the structure.  The stacked slate stone make vents more difficult because the stone is 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick so the vents would appear to recess into the cuts in the stone.  Instead of this detail that could draw the eyes away from the incredible fire pit design we simply left one side free of the stacked stone.  On this one side that is facing away fro where guests will congregate we added a horizontal access door but we had our fabricator cut louvers into the 304 stainless steel access doors.  Now the access door is not only an attractive addition the the stone fire pit but the door gives us access to the gas line, a little storage for some cleaning supplies and is also the vent that keeps the gas flow safe.



























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