New Custom Outdoor Kitchen With Bright Red Quartz Counter Top

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custom outdoor kitchen with red quartz counter top

Custom Grill Island with range burner, refrigerator, keg, trash chute, bar cooler and storage access inside.

This is one of the latest custom outdoor kitchens we recently built on-site.  The counter top has the design style of a custom granite slab but this is a fabricated quartz slab.  The custom fabricated quartz like Sile stone and Caesar stone are custom cut and polished like granite and are similar in cost to granite but the quartz is able to display a consistency of color and texture and brightness that is not possible in natural stone.  Obviously this is a bright red with flakes that make the bright counter top sparkle.  The quartz counter top is cut and polished just like a custom granite counter top so we are able to install the built in barbecue grill, single drop-in side burner, ice cooler cocktail station, covered cutting board trash chute and keg-refrigerator exactly the same as any other custom outdoor kitchen.

The edges of the counter top are double laminated just like granite except for the bar-height overhang which is not really four-inches thick.  Rather, we cut the stone to be vertical on the edges to create the illusion of a much thicker slab.  Also notice the slight overhang at the back of the counter-height slab in the front of the bar-height counter is not above a vertical strip of red quartz but bright white rough face marble.  The under-side of the quartz stone has an LED light strip with 36 remote controlled colors and pattern changes.

quartz stone and marble finished custom outdoor kitchen

back side of outdoor kitchen is raised to bar height for bar stool seating.

In addition to a very bright and contemporary designed custom outdoor kitchen we also built the totally-awesome wood pergola seen in this image.  Instead of the typical boring pergola you can see at any landscape yard we built this in a very contemporary style with the slatted walls seen in this image.  On the top of the pergola is Sunbrella fabric installed at a slight angle to allow the water to run-off  in a storm.

We also laid the pavers with the grass running in-between which matches the flooring that was already on the other side of the yard.  The home owner did not know it but the yard was used in a photo advertisement by their pool company.  The advertisement showed the pool with a floor of 16 inch pavers with grass strips between the stone.  That area of the yard looks really plain now that we extended the floor and added a stunning outdoor kitchen grilling area.


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