Weber Battery Controlled Ignitor Repair — Replace Ignition Module, Electrode, Wires, and Switch.

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The Weber Genesis models of barbecue were relatively the same for several decades up to the major changes made at Weber in 2007.  One of these monumental changes in 2007 was changing the original piezo mechanical ignition module and using a battery controlled igniter module.  This very short video demonstrates how to take the Weber S-320 model apart to access the ignitor parts that make up the ignition assembly.  This video shows how to uninstall the parts of the new ignition system and shows how to install a new module, electrode, wired, wire mounting clips, battery and button.  The short demonstration even shows us how to test the ignition systemm before putting the barbecue back together.

The Weber Genesis and Spirit models that use this ignition assembly of grill parts are the

S-320 — EP-320 — E320 — E-310 — EP-310 — S-310 — Later the 330 models that changed the burners to a front-to-back installation and added an extra burner as a so-called “searing area” also use this same ignition moduls and electrode assembly.  The placement is a little different and some models have more electrodes so these modules have more wiring outlets but essentially the process od replacing the ignitor in order to repair the Weber barbecue grill ignitor is the same.

Please enjoy the video.

We all hope this is helpful for you to successfully andf safely repair your BBQ Grill.

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