LazyMan LM210-28 Repair – Replace Ignition Module and Electrode Video.

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Lazyman 210 Models are well known to everyone in outdoor kitchen construction.  Many decades ago tons of these models were sold and almost all of them are still in use today.  The Lazyman models 210-28, 210-30 and 210-40 were extraordinarily simple and well-built.  We stock replacement barbecue grill parts for these models … but not much.

Below is our latest “how-to” grill repair video.  Like most of the others this one is only one minute but there is a lot of information here.

In addition to showing how to change the ignition assembly — replacing the electrode, collector box, igniter wiring and module  we also change the old Lazyman push-button single-click mechanical piezo module into a battery operated electric module.


Even though the old mechanical piezo modules tend to keep working practically forever,  most  people will prefer the battery powered modules  because they spark exponentially faster and more frequently.  Also the piezo modules make a loud popping noise whether they are properly connected to an electrode or not so it is impossible to tell  from  the sound if the assembled parts of the ignition system is functioning from pressing the   button.

Electric modules are much more common in todays barbecue ignitors and the wire connectors will match replacement electrodes whereas wire connections have to be bent and   manipulated to fit older modules.

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