Remove Replace Install Weber Piezo Module Igniter and Electrode Ignitor.

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In older Weber models — Genesis, Spirit, Summit —  the ignition module was a simple mechanical push-button piezo module.  These old modules only sparked one time with each physical depression but the never stop functioning unless they are somehow physically broken.  Which is highly unlikely in a Weber barbecue grill that mounted the control valves and ignition module on the right side shelf, far from the fire box and any flames.

The mechanical push button piezo module was also used in extraordinary high end gas grill like DCS and Lynx and was also the module of choice in hundreds of other brands of barbecue grill.  No barbecue ignitor module has been more widely used than the Weber piezo ignitor module.

This instructional video also shows how to replace the electrode and the collector box which is where the ignitor sparks and ignites gas inside the barbecue.

The electrode is found i the front right side corner of the older Weber barbecue grill models and this one single electrode and collector box will spark to ignite all three Weber grill burners.  The collector box installs to the firebox without any hardware.  While the front of the box is open to the extra flame ports on the burner for fast, easy ignition the base of the electrode collector box has to stainless steel tabs sticking out.  These tabs match two small holes in the cast aluminum Weber fire box.  When installing the igniter these two tabs press through the holes in the firebox and are bent to hold the electrode and collector box in place.

The smaller tab on the collector box is designed to hold the ground wire.  Because the fire box is cast aluminum the electrode is not grounded in the collector box as igniters are in thousands of steel and stainless steel and cast iron fire boxes in other barbecue grill models.  The Weber module has a round male plug at the tip for the electrode wire but the module has another male tab that is flat on the side of the module.  A wire connects from this side tab to the smaller tab bent on the collector box.

To Ensure the ignition assembly is properly installed, the electrode wire must be connected to the tip of the piezo module and the ground wire must connect from the side tab on the module to the small tab at the base of the collector box.

Instructional Video Shows the installation of the module and the collector box.

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