Replace Barbecue Grill Spit Rod Rotisserie Rollers – Fast Easy Video.

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BBQ Grill models designed with the best grill usage in the world have several similar features.  Barbecue grills like Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS), Solaire Infrared, Outdoor Concepts (OCI), Capital, Alfresco, Infinity, Delta Heat, Twin Eagles and many others were not designed to be the cheapest model available but were designed to provide the backyard chef with the best cooking tools available.  As a result of a lot of similar goals there are a lot of similar parts in many high-end grills and one of these is the Rotisserie Spit Rod Rollers which allow the spit rod to roll smoothly on dual ball-bearing roller wheels.

The rotisserie spit rod roller wheels can be flicked with your finger and they will spin and spin and spin as the clock goes round because the ball-bearings and inner lubricated wheels remove most metal on metal friction so the heavy-duty spit rid turns gently — even when using the rotisserie to cook a large turkey or a small pig.

At least they work that awesome when they are new.

After some time outdoors with all the smoke and fumes and greases, dirt, marinades, rain, bugs… eventually these seemingly friction-defying rotisserie rollers will freeze with rust and filth.  Because so many of use use our rotisserie very rarely we will not typically douse the rotisserie rollers with a good degreaser or a lubricant.  By the time we realize we’re using the rotisserie for the first time in a few years we figure out we have not maintained these spit rod rollers very well at all.  Fortunately they are not very difficult to replace.

Rotisserie spit rod rollers rusted solid

Rotisserie spit rod rollers rusted solid. When we tried to unscrew the phillips head with a 18v screw gun the bit actually broke. We used a new bit and worked slower and the roller stripped.

removing rotisserie rollers

Trying to unscrew the bolt stripped the phillips head so we held the roller with vice-grips while turning the nut which broke-off the bolt-head.

This video shows many different types of barbecue grill rotisserie spit supports and rollers and even though the mounting bracket is different from grill to grill the actual rollers themselves are the same.  They install the same and they can be replaced the same from barbecue grill model to model.

When we tried to hold the carriage nut on the back of the roller and unscrew the mounting bolt that installs through the wheel the phillips head stripped.  Since we could not move the roller at all we held it tight with vice-grips and tried to turn the nut from behind.    If the roller wheel turned we would have had to cut the bolt but the rust had bound the wheel to the bolt so it broke off.  We still had a difficult time removing the bolt because of the additional friction and corrosion but twisting and banging, we did eventually get it through the flat stainless bracket.

Once the rollers are off the bracket we used a little degreaser and sandpaper to clean the bracket.  Since  the mounting bracket gets covered in grease and sauces this could be the only time we get to clean down to the stainless so the roller   friction is smooth.

rotisserie spit rod rollers and installation nut in alfresco lx2 grill

rotisserie spit rod rollers and installation nut in LX2 Alfresco infrared grill

This is the roller installation on an Alfresco LX2  model which has an integrated motor so the rotisserie motor does not have to be placed on  and off a side bracket.  Even with the new upgraded design the rollers are still exactly the same as older grill models.



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