Grill Repair Video – Install Turbo STS Control Valves In BBQ Galore Barbecue Models.

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This video shows a newly designed control valve installation to replace the flame thrower valves in Turbo STS barbecue models.  These Turbo STS valves are no longer available so we had to have new control valves custom fabricated to replace the originals. Although not flame thrower valves with automatic ignition, the clamp-on to the manifold, valve stem knob connection, valve body, angle, extension and gas orifices are all exactly the same as the original Turbo STS flame thrower valves from BBQ Galore.


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When We Had this valve custom fabricated as a replacement for the Turbo STS barbecue grill models the price was going to triple if we had the flame-thrower functionality added so the automatic ignition was still working when the control valves were replaced with these new valves.

The video copied here shows the process of installing replacement control valves in a Turbo STS by BBQ Galore.  The video instructions also demonstrate how to replace the igniter module so we can add as many ignition electrodes as we choose to install in the grill with one single, simple ignitor button.

original flame thrower turbo sts valve installed

original flame thrower turbo sts valve installed in bbq grill. From inside the firewall only the orifice extension and the automatic ignition flame thrower is visible.

This image, shot from inside the barbecue grill shows the front end of the STS flame thrower control valve when it is installed on the gas manifold.   Sticking out into the barbecue is the brass extension with the small spud type gas orifice in the tip.  The barbecue grill burner will install by sliding onto the orifice and extension which will support the front end of the burner.

Just next to the burner is the secondary orifice that shoots a small puff of flame past the ignition electrode to ignite the burner.  This is the part of the control valve called the “flame thrower”.

turbo sts flame thrower valve used and replace

The original STS valves used and old compared to the replacement. This is not a replacement parts we found that works but is a valve we had manufactured to replace the Turbo STS controls.

These images are here to shoe comparisons between the newly designed replacement valve for the Turbo STS and the original valve being replaced.

control valve replacement comparison with original flame thrower

This control valve replacement comparison with original flame thrower shows the Essential Parts Are The Same.

The design of the extension and the orifice are identical and the angle of the valve body, valve stem in front for the control knobs and the bottom clamp design where the valve attaches to the gas manifold pipe are All Identical.

The only difference is that we made this valve without the flame thrower function of an automatic ignition.  We were able to do that because of the prohibitive cost and because there is an ignitor module already in the front control panel of STS models.  We can easily replace this module with a module that has more electrode outlets and add up to 8 electrodes throughout the STS gas grill.

Majestic Grill Parts publishes all kinds of explanatory and tutorial blog posts on our blog site so if you are uncertain of what is a flame thrower control valve in a barbecue grill you can look up that video blog post in the search feature at the top left corner of the page.

Although the control valve we are able to use as a replacement does not have the automatic ignition feature, the STS models have a control-panel-mounted ignition module.  In the video shown on this page we simply and quickly expand that opening and add a AA battery module instead of the AAA battery module that came in the control panel of this STS barbeque.  Once we have a module with six or eight outlets, we can easily install up to eight individual ignitor electrodes.  Any electrode will work because once the gas flows through the burner any spark will cause the burner to light.  Any igniter electrode we are comfortable installing next to or above the grill burner will spark and ignite the gas emitting from the cast iron barbecue burners.

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