Repair OCI 26 BBQ Grill With Video Instructions To Replace U Burners.

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This instructional video shows the burners in an Outdoor Concepts, Inc. — OCI — barbecue grill being replaced even though burners for these models are not available from OCI.  Hopefully availability from OCI will change but whether OCI makes repair parts available or not, we still have to be able to repair the OCI gas grills so our customers can grill.

First the video and then some more detailed direction.

The tutorial video pretty much shows it all but there was some preparation before what is shown in the installation instructions for these U burners into the OCI 26 inch model.

new u burner in old oci bbq grill

At First the closest burner we could find Still would not fit because the cross-over tubes were too long and the burner was not long enough to reach the back support.

OCI BBQ Grill Repair Parts

When we initially attempted a series of different U shaped burners none fit into the OCI-26.   The center venturi tube has to be long enough to reach the gas valve orifice through the front firewall snd into the control panel.  With the center feed tube on the orifice the back of the U burner had to be close to 21 inches to be supported by the original OCI burner support bracket and the width of the burner has to be very narrow if the new U burner is going to be installed between the center and side cross over tubes.

We tried about ninety burners before we had to acceot that a perfect fit was not going to be available anyplace.

The U burner we finally decided to use was the closest fit of the bunch but we had to cut through the side and center flash tubes because they stuck out too far into the space we needed to replace the U burner.


burner and ignition bracket in oci 25 gas barbecue grill model

Front burner and ignition bracket is attached to the inner firewall and assists with burner installation and fast gas ignition.

In order to remove and replace the U burners the front support bracket must be uninstalled.   Unfortunately, by the time your Outdoor Concepts, Inc barneque needs a new U burner, the possibility is very good the originally stainless steel mounting bolts will have rusted.

We can replace the bolts with new, clean bolts when we’re done if we are carefull when we remove the originals.

What we’re showing in the instructional video is cutting off the head so we can remove the bracket.  With the head of the bolt removed the bolt is still threaded through the hole in the firewall but once the bracket is gone we have enough of the bolt sticking out that we’re able to grab the bolt with a vice-grip plier and then unscrew the bolt through the firewall.

Of the four bolts in this firewall, I ruined one and had to pull it through with the vice-grip which ruined the threads.

oci new u burner installed on gas valve with orifice inside burner venturi tube

When the burner is installed we cannot see the air-shutter end of the center feed tube which presses into the control panel so the venturi can slide onto the gas control orifice.

With the front bracket removed the new U burner can be installed by first sliding the front center feed tube through the hole in the front firewall.  The carburetor with the adjustable shutter has to be safely inserted over that gas orifice cap which is threaded onto the tip of the control valve.

Once the burner is fully installed, we will revisit the carburetor so we can adjust the mixture of fuel and oxygen for the best possible flames burning in the U burner.

new back brackets hold oci burners level and safe for burning, grilling

Back Brackets ship with these new burners so the burners can be safely installed level and well supported for long term cooking.

In the back of the burner, the longest burners we can use that are still narrow enough to be made to fit are still too short for the Outdoor Concepts, Inc gas grill fire box.

When a customer purchases the U burner replacement we have been sending these U tube installation brackets for free.   These U burner brackets are designed for exactly this purpose — just in a different make and model of barbecue where they are almost never actually needed.

In the 26 inch OCI barbecue grill these brackets can be installed so the burners are level from left to right and from front to back and as we can see in these images and video showing the OCI burning well.

OCI BBQ Grill Repair Parts

Gas barbecue grill replacement parts are available for OCI and all other barbecue grill models and BBQ grill come with the additional support and assistance of highly trained, educated and experiences gas technicias.

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