Repair Infinity BBQ Grill Ignition With New Module And Button.

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Infinity gas barbecue grill models made something of a big splash many years ago but the company did not last very long.  Even though the Infinity barbeque’s had a lot of interesting features and benefits, once the company disappeared replacement parts for repairs became scarce…and then disappeared completely.

Infinity BBQ Grill Repair Parts

As gas grill repair technicians we have worked on many of the Infinity models and we have discovered many other barbecue repair parts that can easily be installed as replacements in the Infinity models.

This blog post shows instructions and tips with a repair video tutorial for replacing the ignition module and momentary switch in Infinity models.   For this particular grill repair, instead of installing the same 9v module we installed a different 9v module that is essentially the same product, serving the same function.  Although not necessary in this instance, we have had a lot of clients who did have a similar problem — modules needed to be replaced that were unavailable.

We specifically repaired this Infinity ignition assembly with a different module in order to show how simple it is to use a different module.

As we can see in the image below, once the Green Module is attached inside the Infinity control panel we have the stainless steel momentary switch button connected with the battery between.  Essentially, the Two wires coming off the 9volt battery connect one to the module and the other wire connects to the button.  The button also has 2 connections so one is connected to the battery and the other  to the module.

new igniter in Infinity barbecue grill

New ignitor module and momentary button wired to 9v battery drawer and wired to single ground and 3 ignition electrodes sparking inside grill.

Essentially the button acts like an interruption for the power to the module.  If we plug-in the two battery wires to the module directly, the module will spark against its own wire spade plugs until the battery runs dead.  By placing the button between the connection as an interruption, the electricity only moves through to the module while the button is held down.

In the Infinity, there is Not Usually A Button for the ignition because each of the control valves has a small micro-switch that serves the same function.

ignition module sparking because of control valve automatic switch

Several gas grills have a similar design with a switch on the valve. As the valve is pressed-in to turn on or off there is a steel connection so the interruption is bridged which causes the module to spark.

In this image the 2 wires that would be attached to the momentary-switch-button are connected to the switch on the control valve.   Although similar, Infinity valves only have One spade to connect one single wire to each control valve so the use is slightly different.  A single white wire jumps from valve to valve before connecting at the far end to a power converter.

When I can, I change the control valves or simply remove and change the micro-switch on each valve so there are 2 wire connectors.   I do this because the power converters do not survive well here in Florida with our humidity and allowing each valve to be a switch instead of each valve relying on the connection next to it can cause problems with a built in misdirection.   The single wire connection means there can be rust on a wire-spade connector that interrupts the momentary connection when an other valve is depressed.  Then we lose time identifying the problem because the far right valve seems to not cause the module to spark when the problem is rust on the far left valve or some other.

As we see in this image, when the switch is working properly the module connect the power from the battery and is strong enough to sit and spark just lying on a table without any electrodes connected.  Once the module is installed with a safe ground wire and clean electrodes plugged in, the sparks in this Infinity are sharp and reliable every single time.

Infinity sparking ignition electrode

After replacing the module and button and cleaning the steel tips of the electrode this grill ignition works like the day it came off the showroom floor!

As we saw in the video, we did not change the micro-switches on the valves or the valves.  All the replacing of parts will get expensive for the customer if not necessary.  Instead we used the hole where the light button would be installed to connect the stainless steel momentary.  This is very simple and very reliable.

Even with the Infinity manufacturing company unable to fulfill their obligations to their clients worldwide, the replacement parts for all the Infinity barbecue grill models are available and easily installed.

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