Replace Clamp On BBQ Grill Control Valve – Video Instructions.

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Replace barbecue grill control valves when control valves attach to gas manifold with clamp on attachment.  The common types of control valve attach to gas  manifolds by threading into the manifold pipe or bolting through the manifold pipe or clamping over the manifold pipe and this video demonstrates how to replace valves that clamp over the gas manifold pipe.

This first schematic cross-cut type of image shows the basic design of the control assembly.

control valve orifice burner design lay out

Barbecue grill control archetype – gas connection To gas manifold pipe To control valve To orifice To burner.

This schematic drawing shows the gas manifold inside the lower section of the control valve assembly.   The front of the control valve is the stem which extends through the front control panel so the knob can attach and control ignition and movement to rotate high and low control setting.   Opposite the valve stem is the section of the control valve with the LP or NG orifice which slides into the venturi tube of the barbecue grill burner.  The venturi tube is where gas feeds to the burner and is the section with the air shutter to adjust the mixture of fuel and oxygen so we can set up a clean flame while burning at different rates and altitudes.

Different control valve manifold gas line connection and orifice

Different control valve manifold gas line connection and orifice. Valves In This Image Thread Into a T type Manifold connection instead of clamping onto the manifold like the video.

This double valve assembly has a small T manifold between the 2 control valves.   The T manifold has a female threading shown on top in this image.  This female threading is designed to mount the manifold solid to the control panel of the barbeque.  Valves thread to the manifold which is the type of attachment easiest to use.

Clamp on valves have a small gasket inside the top of the clamp so the connection between the valve and the gas manifold pipe is sealed against leaks.

summit flame thrower ignition control valves clamp on to weber gas manifold

summit flame thrower ignition control valves clamp on to weber gas manifold

This Weber Summit control valve clamps onto the manifold pipe.

weber summit control valve schematic

weber summit control valve schematic shows the flame thrower control valve and ignition installing with the gas orifice inside the venturi tube of the pipe burner.

Like the Weber Summit manifold and control valves here the control valves clamp to the gas manifold pipe to draw fuel and then gauge the amount of fuel spraying in to the gas burners.  When we change the gas control valves it is common to also need to change the gas orifice at the tip of the valve where the tip of the valve slides into the air shutter of the barbecue burner.  It is also common to need to change the adjustment of oxygen into the burner by sliding the gas shutter at the tip of the burner.  Many control valves will also have an adjustment screw on the valve — often inside the valve stem — which is commonly adjusted during an installation.  We cannot assume that a new control valve set in the manufacturers factory will just happen to be set to the type of fuel and the altitude necessary for our specific installation.

The Weber Summit valves shown here are called Flame Thrower Valves because the control valve integrates a simply piezo ignition module to spark as the valve stem turns.  Flame Thrower Valves will also have a tiny gas orifice on the side so a small plume of vaporized fuel will push through the tube design of the electrode bracket.  As the valve stem is turned the electrode ignites a small cloud of gas pressing into the grill just next to the actual burner and this flame-thrower affect ignites the fuel coming through the burner.

When Changing Clamp-On Control Valves, Always Remember to keep the gasket area of the valve and the pipe of the manifold Clean.  One single grain of sand can cause a gas leak inside the control panel where we cannot see the problem until the valves are ruined and the knobs melt off the front of the barbecue’s control panel.

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