Replace Valve and Igniter In Turbo STS and Jenn Air BBQ Grill Models

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This particular flame thrower control valve is no longer available so we have had to fabricate another replacement valve and a new ignition design as shown in this instructional video.

The reason this ignition design works so well is because the firewall that separates the control valves from the heat inside the fie box has a large square opening for the flame thrower ignition system.

original ignition control valve installed through firewall

when the original valve is installed the opening for the orifice to slide into the burner is not the only opening in the firewall because the flame-thrower needs that large rectangular opening for the gas flow ignition.

These replacement valves are made to replace these original flame-thrower valves so the valve stem, clamp design, length, angle and orifice are all exactly the same as the original.   These new valves do not have an automatic ignition.

In order to install a simple and reliable ignition system we replace the battery operated module for the rotisserie and install a similar ignition module with 3 or 4 or 6 outlets instead of the one electrode outlet on the original module.

Now we can plug-in as many ignitor electrodes as we want so we have a sparking ignitor electrode on every burner — and they all spark of this one single button.

As we see in this image, the original flame thrower control valve has the common hole through the firewall for the orifice to extend into the burner but this valve has forced another opening in the fire wall.   The large rectangular opening is for the flame-thrower ignitor which ignites a small puff of fuel to ignite the burner.

With this extra opening in the fire wall this make it very easy for us to install a new electrode where it will be solidly installed right next to the burner.  Essentially we are able to use the original firebox design to install a totally new, simply and reliable ignitor system.

the electrodes install through the wall just next to the cast iron burners for perfect sparking

the electrodes install through the wall just next to the cast iron burners for perfect sparking and very simple adjustments if needed for better ignition and for easy cleaning.

With a threaded electrode and a couple of large washers we are able to very easily attach the electrode through the flame thrower opening in the firewall.  The installation design, length and location make the electrode perfectly placed for fast effective ignition.

These electrodes have an extra long steel rod tip which makes them very easy to adjust for a tighter gap or to clean or spark better by clipping or bending into the overhang of the cast iron burner design.  As we see in the instructional video above the electrodes spark reliably and are very tightly held against the firewall so the wires are protected inside the control panel.

Not only is the control valve a great replacement but the only problem we have had with these valve is that they do not have an automatic ignition– and now they do!

new ignition electrode and turbo sts jenn air burner in bbq grill

new ignition electrode and turbo sts jenn air burner in bbq grill after replacing the new control valve and wiring a new ignitor system for fast east ignition.

The new ignition electrodes are all plugged in to the new module so all the electrodes fire together when the button is pressed on the control panel.  With the new ignitor module the side burner range, rotisserie, smoker, and all barbecue burners are all igniting reliably from the same new module and the electrodes we have now installed.

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