Replace Weber Control Valve – Genesis and Spirit Models After 2010.

by grillrepair November 16, 2016

Video instructions and written directions with pictures to explain how to remove and replace Weber Genesis and Spirit control valves in models manufactured after 2010. As we can see in this clip from the Weber schematic, Genesis and Spirit models manufactured after 2010 have the control valves in the front of the fire box.   […]

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Infinity BBQ Grill Control Valve Replacement With Ignition Video.

by grillrepair October 4, 2016

Infinity BBQ Grill Control Valve Replacement With Ignition. Although we’re using the Infinity gas barbecue grill model repair for this video, there are thousands of different barbeque grill models using clamp-on control valves.   A previous video and blog post explained how and why and when to replace this gasket.  Replacing the entire control valve […]

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Repair Infinity BBQ Grill Ignition With New Module And Button.

by grillrepair September 16, 2016

Infinity gas barbecue grill models made something of a big splash many years ago but the company did not last very long.  Even though the Infinity barbeque’s had a lot of interesting features and benefits, once the company disappeared replacement parts for repairs became scarce…and then disappeared completely. Infinity BBQ Grill Repair Parts As gas […]

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Convert BBQ to LP or NG For Weber Spirit and Genesis Models After 2010.

by grillrepair August 18, 2016

Weber Spirit and Genesis models since 2010 have the control knobs across the front of the firebox which is different from any of the Spirit or Genesis models in previous decades.  This change means the burners are totally different, control valves are different, knobs, orifices, supports, architecture….Everything about these Weber models is different from previous […]

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Replace Valve and Igniter In Turbo STS and Jenn Air BBQ Grill Models

by grillrepair June 21, 2016

This particular flame thrower control valve is no longer available so we have had to fabricate another replacement valve and a new ignition design as shown in this instructional video. The reason this ignition design works so well is because the firewall that separates the control valves from the heat inside the fie box has […]

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Repair Ignition In OCI BBQ Grills With New Electrode, Cross-Over and Collector Box.

by grillrepair April 10, 2016

If you have an OCI gas barbecue grill you have probably already discovered the company that created these incredible barbecue grills is back to one single person trying to keep up with everything and not succeeding.   Although I am a Huge fan of the grills, dealing with Outdoor Concepts, Incorporated is a very trying […]

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Repair OCI 26 BBQ Grill With Video Instructions To Replace U Burners.

by grillrepair March 23, 2016

This instructional video shows the burners in an Outdoor Concepts, Inc. — OCI — barbecue grill being replaced even though burners for these models are not available from OCI.  Hopefully availability from OCI will change but whether OCI makes repair parts available or not, we still have to be able to repair the OCI gas […]

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DCS Radiant Rod Trays Re-Install When Mounting Pins Break

by grillrepair March 18, 2016

Since Dynamic Cooking Systems barbecue grill models started using radiant rod trays for heat conduction, about two decades have passed.   Although this particular problem has not become an epidemic in these BG and BGA and BGB models it is a problem that will become more common as time passes because these barbecues — back […]

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Grill Repair Video – Install Turbo STS Control Valves In BBQ Galore Barbecue Models.

by grillrepair March 14, 2016

This video shows a newly designed control valve installation to replace the flame thrower valves in Turbo STS barbecue models.  These Turbo STS valves are no longer available so we had to have new control valves custom fabricated to replace the originals. Although not flame thrower valves with automatic ignition, the clamp-on to the manifold, […]

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Replace Clamp On BBQ Grill Control Valve – Video Instructions.

by grillrepair February 16, 2016

Replace barbecue grill control valves when control valves attach to gas manifold with clamp on attachment.  The common types of control valve attach to gas  manifolds by threading into the manifold pipe or bolting through the manifold pipe or clamping over the manifold pipe and this video demonstrates how to replace valves that clamp over […]

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