Video Page Gas Log Fireplaces

This gas log video shows some of the custom gas log fireplaces and fire pits we have built for clients.  Primarily it shows the alternative ventless gas logs and vented gas logs that have become popular in fireplaces without ceramic wood logs.

Ventless Gas Logs Fireplace sets below are available in sizes from 18 inches to 30 inches.  Valves are available manual with piezo ignitor, remote on/off and variable remote.  Ventless gas logs with variable remote keep a standing pilot so the remote can raise or lower the flames.  Ventless gas log burner has standing pilot, thermocouple, Oxygen Depletion Sensor and are approved for vented and unvented application.

Super Sassafras ceramic logs in ventless gas log fireplace.

Ponderosa ventless gas logs have a different look from other unvented gas log fireplaces.  Thirteen logs stack in a much more natural pattern that breaks away from the front – back, big – small wood stack of other fireplaces.

Super Charred Oak ventless gas log fireplace.

Morgan Creek ventless gas log fireplace.

Charred Oak ventless gas log fireplace

Birch ventless gas log fireplace

Aged Oak ventless gas log fireplace

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