Barbecue Cooking Grate Replacements For Brinkmann Grill Models

Although Brinkmann started off twenty years ago as these big heavy barbecues built solid like tanks the model day brand is nothing like the original legend. The company was bought and sold many times and the grill parts inside a Brinkmann of the past 6 or 7 years are like the parts of many other similar barbecues. The grill burners, valves, grilling grids and other replacement parts for Brinkmann models are similar or the same as other brands because they are made the same or by the same company. If you do not see what you need to repair your Brinkmann barbecue grill contact us at: 954-2-Grill-2 or send us a grill repair request at .

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Replacement cooking grate for Brinkmann gas bbq grills. Fits model 810-9415W and others.


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brinkmann cast iron cooking grate replacement 810-9415w

Porcelain coated steel cooking grates for various Sunbeam, Charmglow, Brinkmann and other barbecue grill models. Grids are 15.75 inches deep and slightly under 25 inches wide.


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sunbeam stainless steel bbq grill replacement cooking grates

Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Set Of Cooking Grates fit several Brinkmann BBQ Grill Models. Each cooking grid is slightly less than 17 Inches deep and 11.75 inches deep fpor a total width 23.3 Inches wide.

Cooking Grate Details.

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brinkmann grill parts cast iron replacement cooking grids
cast iron cooking grates Brinkmann $116

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brinkmann grill parts 3 cooking grills

Replacement set of cast iron cooking grates for Brinkmann model barbecue grills


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brinkmann grill parts cooking grids cast iron

Replacement cast iron cooking grids for Brinkmann models. 19 inches x 25 inches: Two Grates 12.5 inches wide per set.


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heavy cast iron cooking grates

Cast iron Replacement cooking grids to repair models of Brinkmann barbeque grill models

Depth: 17 5/8 Inches.

Total Width: 27 7/8 Inches.

Grate Details


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brinkmann grill parts 3 cooking grates
Brinkmann Grate Details

Cast iron cooking grids matte finish coating looks more like raw cast iron. Brinkmann replacements are 19.25 inches deep and come with two grids for a total width at 15.5 inches. Each of these two grid sections is 7.75 inches wide.


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cast iron matte finish coated grids

Individual pieces of cast iron cooking grid replacements 19 x 6 inches for Brinkmann BBQ's.


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brinkmann grill parts cast iron cooking grates
gas bbq grill repair burners for broilmate barbecue grill replacement parts
gas bbq grill repair burners for broilmate barbecue grill replacement parts

Brinkmann has been bought and sold several times over the past few decades. Today the brand name is owned by the Home Depot and the appliances are manufactured in the same factory as the Charmglow models. These are sold specifically through Home Depot stores. Brinkmann has been available through other retailers previously and was considered a high-end grill many years ago. Because the Brinkmann barbecues of today are not very expensive there are rarely any heavy solid stainless steel cooking grates available as replacements for these barbecues. Instead we have cast iron coated with a protective layer of porcelain enamel to help the grates last longer.