Broil King Barbecue Grill Replacement Cooking Grates

There are tons of BroilKing barbecue grill repair parts because Broilking have been manufacturing barbeque grills for such a tremendously long time. The grills have gone through a lot of changes and the new BroilKing gas grills are not recognizable in the earlier models. The cooking grids listed on this page match barbecue grills going as far back as twenty-fove years. The cooking grates are usually the first replacement grill parts we will replace because our food touches the grilling grids. Please be sure to check you measurements and be certain to get the right grills for your model of Broilking. If you need assistance contact us at which is also 954.2.Grill.2.

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BroilKing Cast Iron Cooking Grates. Two Grids are19.25x6 Inches Each for BroilKing Regal, Imperial and Huntington Forge Models.


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broilking cast iron heavy cooking grate
67845 Broil King replacement cooking grate - 19 3/16 x 30 5/16 inches. Cast iron grilling grates with matte finish manufactured for Broil King BBQ grill repair. $121.

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broil king cast iron replacement grilling grids for bbq grill repair
63262 Replacement cooking grate - 14.75 x 21.5 inches - for BroilKing barbecue grill repair. Cast iron grilling grates with matte finish repair Broil King BBQ grill repair. $121.

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broil king cast iron coated cooking grids

Glossy finish enamel coating on cast iron replacement grilling grates for Sterling Shepard grill models


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broil king broil mate cast iron cooking grates

Cast iron replacement cooking grate with textured matte finish. Iron is heavy and provides good heat conduction as a replacement grid for Broil King, Broil Mate, Sterling, Silver Chef and Huntington barbecues.


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matte cast iron cooking grate repair
Barbecue grill repair grilling grid - porcelain steel wire cooking grid broilking $34.

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broilking porcelain coated steel wire cooking grid
porcelain steel cooking grates broilking $69.

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61812 BBQ grill repair grilling grates for Broilking barbecues. Gloss finish porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates - 19 1/8 inches x 27 15/16 inches total. $90.

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broilking cast iron cooking grid replacement

BroilKing reversible cooking grates are reversible cast iron waterfall style cooking grates. The grate is a matte-finish cast iron. Concave grates with grease management grooves can be flipped over for high heat concave grooved grids that also have grease management grooves. Each of these grates -- Set Of Two Included -- are 14 1/8 inches deep and 12 1/4 inches wide and the leg pieces are 1 3/4 inches high.

Grate Details

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broil king 14 x 13 cast iron grill grid waterfall set

Grate Details
Heavy reversible cooking grates fit broilking gas bbq grill models. These three cast iron porcelain matte finish cooking grids are 17.75 inches deep and 8.25 inches wide. $125.

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broil king cast iron reversible cooking grates
BroilKing original design cast iron cooking grates with tabs. Broilking no longer makes this design and most barbecue grill models have to use full grilling grids to match the fire box. This is the last of the old design of these cooking grates. $121.

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cast iron cooking grates for broil king barbecue grill models
536S2 Stainless Steel cooking grates made for BroilKing barbeque grill repairs. 19 1/8 inches x 25 7/8 inches total grilling grid size. $159.

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broilking gas bbq grill repair cooking grate replacement stainless steel
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dcs stainless steel bbq grill

The new cast iron BroilKing cooking grates are reversible for different kinds of barbecuing. The convex side of the grilling grids are used like traditional rods grates that we see on barbecues everywhere. The concave side of the grates is grooved to allow the moisture in the food to affect the cooking process. The grooves are open at the end to allow foods like rib-eye steaks that create a lot of dripping to roll away from the grilling area and then fall from the grids to the drip trays below the barbecue burners.

dcs stainless steel bbq grill

The concave grates can also be used for high-heat grilling. First seen on older DCS gas grills and used to day on all infrared grills like TEC, Solaire and Alfresco the concave cooking grates is designed to allow moisture to sit in the grid groove long enough to be vaporized into fumes that add to the texture and flavor of the food grilling. The cast iron in the grids conducts heat and adds to the heat flowing from the burners and the heat accumulating within the BBQ hood so the grilling area is much hotter than the rest of the barbecue.

solaire built in bbq grill in custom outdoor kitchen

Reversible Cooking Grates for Broil King BBQ Grills.

Reversible cast iron cooking grates. Cast iron is a popular material for barbecues