BroilMaster Gas Barbecue Grill Repair Parts

Broilmaster barbeque grills manufacture built in outdoor kitchen accessories, cart barbecues, built in barbecue grills, infrared gas grills, commercial quality cookers and accessories like trash drawers, rotisserie cookers and side burners. Broilmaster uses stainless steel and resilient cast aluminum for outdoor longevity. Cooking grates on many models have waterfall designs for varied heat settings and a variety of materials available. Broilmaster gas BBQ grills have been fabricated for a very long time and it is often necessary to know the model number, serial number and the year the barbeque grill was manufactured if you cannot identify the replacement parts needed to repair your BBQ grill from the information below. Contact us at with any questions about your BroilMaster gas grill.

BroilMaster Burners BroilMaster Cooking Grates BroilMaster Heat Shields
Item Description Price Illustration
03500 20" module to electrode wire with two female spade connectors for broilmaster ignition $5.

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electrode wire can be used to repair all broilmaster model bbq grills
ignitor collector box. Mounts perpendicular through casting with threaded rod and locking nuts. Includes male spade connector. No wire. broilmaster ignitor $10.

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broilmaster electrode and collector box for bbq grill repair

universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female connector compatible with most piezos. Fits all H burners, both cast iron and stainless steel. Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

electrode details


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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners

electrode details
stainless steel warming rack broilmaster $30.

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broilmaster gas bbq grill replacement warming rack

BroilMaster Heat Shield is designed to install below the grill burner in all 3 and 4 Head Models.

Dimensions are 16.75 by 8 Inches.


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broilmaster heat shield

push-button, self-grounding piezo plunger with mounting nut


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push button ignitor charbroil, coastal, thermos
03120 push-button piezo plunger with external grounding prong and mounting nut. Grounding prong may also be used to conduct charge to a secondary electrode in grills with a side burner. $12.95

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push button ignitor ducane, kenmore, weber
03130 push-button piezo plunger with external grounding prong and snap-in mounting brackets. Grounding prong may also be used to conduct charge to a secondary electrode in grills with a side burner.Includes mounting ring for use with grills that don’t use snap-in brackets. $12.95

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push button ignitor replacement
03200 rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Ducane, Profire and many other gas grill models. $18.49

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ducane rotary ignitor replacement
03220 rotary ignitor with two outlets to fit Ducane, Profire, DCS and many other grills. $21.95

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rotary ignitor replacement ducane gas grill
03230 rotary igitor with three outlets to fit Ducane, ProFire, DCS and many other barbeque grills. $24.95

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rotary bbq grill ignitor with three outlets
broilmaster infrared gas grill burner and blue flame burner

As Broilmaster gas grills have evolved there have been many changes to the models. The newer Broilmaster gas barbecue models have an infrared option so intense, flavorful grilling can be added. These gas grills are available with a blue-flame barbeque burner and with an infrared burner as a hybrid. They are also available all convection or all infrared.

broilmaster stainless steel convection blue flame burner

This burner design is often called the infinity burner, the bow tie burner or the figure 8 burner. The stainless steel and the cast iron version of these burners are often available as replacement burners for Broilmaster barbeque repairs. There are also similar sized H burners that will fit these Broilmaster models.

broilmaster gas bbq grill on a deck mount post

Broilmaster gas barbecue grills are available on rolling carts, pedestal carts, in-ground bases and deck mounted bases for convienent use in any setting. Because the BroilMaster gas grills are manufactured in America the replacement parts for all the Broilmaster models are usually available.