Cast Iron Replacement Burner For Bull BBQ Grill.

The cast iron replacement burner is probably the barbecue burner used to most by our grill repair technicians. This burner is a very popular design and common size in a lot pof gas grill models. This burner can be used with liquid propane and with natural gas barbecues as long as the valve orifice is changed. The burner is the same regardless. As a replacement burner this cast iron burner is widely distributed and easy to obtain with a reasonable price. This burner fits a lot of Bull models.


Cast Iron replacement barbecue grill burner fits many Bull BBQ grill models including the Bullett model, Angus, Brahma, 47628 and 47629 model gas grills. Cast iron burner replaces burners in Bull models that were originally stainless or brass and burner is 15.75 inches long and 2.75 inches wide.
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cast iron replacement burner for bull bbq
dcs stainless burner

Cast iron replacement burner shown side by side with a burner from a Bull barbecue grill shows the burners are the same exact size and the clip in the back in the exact same place to lock the burner in the grill.

original bull bullit burner

The Bull Burner has a small round extension in the casting at the far end under the burner. This piece fits into a hole in the fire wall of the barbecue to lock the burner in place.

In the image below we can see the cast iron burner installs into the Bull BBQ exactly the same with the same extended casting under the burner to lock the burner in place.

burner lock under burner with clip

From behind and under the Bull BBQ grill the piece of casting is visible pushing through the stainless steel with a small clip holding the burner in place in the grill. This way if the barbecue gets rolled across uneven flooring or gets bumped around the burner is not able to be dislodged by mistake. In order to remove or to replace Bull burners we have to be able to get under and behind the burner so we can grab that wire clip and slide it out. Once the clip is removed the burner will lift up in the back and we can slide the burner towards the back of the grill so the venturi tube slides off the orifice and control valve in the front of the barbecue.

bull cast iron burner installed replacement burner in bull bbq
inside bull control panel shows bbq valve and burner

When the burner is installed the orifice that is at the tip of the flame thrower control valve will be inside the venturi tube opening of the burner. When installing the burner always slide the orifice into the burner first. When removing the burner lift the burner from the back and slide the burner off the orifice last.
The orifice has a small hole that allows gas to flow through the valve into the burner. The size of this small hole in the orifice is what determines if the burner set for NG or LP.

bull built in grill island and bar
bull built in grill island
bull built in grill island and backsplash