BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Centro Brand Barbecues.

Access BBQ Grill replacement parts for all Centro model repair parts. Click below to access Centro burners, cooking grates, heat shields and briquette grids and other repair parts like igniters, thermomoeters, gas valves and timers. For additional assistance contact us at Majestic Grill Parts by calling which is also 954-2-GRILL-2 and email us at: [email protected] or click contact at the top or bottom of any page.

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centro bbq grill replacement parts

centro grill parts replacement burner
Centro BBQ Grill Replacement Repair Gas Burner
centro grill parts replacement cooking grate
Centro BBQ Grill Replacement Cooking Grate
centro grill parts replacement heat shield
Centro BBQ Grill Radiant Trays, Grids and Heat Shield
centro grill parts replacement
Centro BBQ Grill Replacement Repair Part
Centro barbecue grills have not been around in a big way for some time now but the parts are still available to repair the models. Burners, heat shield vaporizers, cooking grates and igniters are all available for Centro gas barbeque grills.

Replacement Parts replace grill parts in some Centro Models.

2000, -- 4000, -- 3000RT, -- 5000RT, -- 85-1207-2, -- 85-1210-2, -- 85-1211-0, -- 85-1250-6, -- 85-1251-4, -- 85-1273-2, -- 85-1286-6, -- G30100, -- G40204, -- G40205, -- G40304, -- G40305, -- G60104, -- G60105.

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cast iron burner replacement for centro bbq grill