Cooking Grate Replacements For Centro Barbecue Grill Models.

Select replacement cooking grates by size and materials for Centro BBQ Grill repairs. Stainless, cast iron and porcelain coated steel wire style grilling grids are available for Centro barbecue models. If you need assistance, Please Contact at 9454-2-GRILL-2.

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cast iron cooking grid is porcelain coated with textured protective matte finish over heavy cast iron cooking grates. Fits Charbroil, Centro, Kenmore and other barbecues.


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porcelain matte finish over cast iron replacement cooking grids

Porcelain coated steel wire cooking grate replacement for Centro barbecue. Three part grates are 18.75 inches deep and 10.5 inches wide for a total width 31.5 inches.


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porcelain coated wire cooking grate replacement

Cast iron with glossy porcelain enamel protective finish. Grates have three parts for total width 28.5 inches wide and 18.75 inches deep, front to back.


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porcelain gloss cast iron grill grids

Gloss Enamel coating over cast iron cooking grate replacement for Centro barbecue. Two part grilling grid 18.75 inches deep and 21 inches wide with both grates.


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cast iron gloss replacement grilling grate

Stainless Steel replacement tube style cooking grates. Two sections of grid 18 5/8 inches deep and 21.25 total width. One grid is 9 5/8 inches wide and the other is 11 5/8 inches wide.


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stainless steel tube replacement cooking grid

Cast iron replacement cooking grate for Centro barbecue models. Porcelain enamel with matte finish over cast iron set of two grids is slightly deeper than 18 inches and finishes at 211 5/8 inches wide with both grates.


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cast iron replacement cooking gratematte enamel

Gloss-finished enamel over cast iron grilling grates. Three part grids are almost 17 inches deep, front to back and almost 25 inches total width. Grate design has finger holes centered on either side.


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cast iron porcelain 3 part replacement cooking grate

Porcelain coated steel wire replacement cooking grate fits Centro BBQ grill models. Two grids are 16 5/8 inches deep and 12.25 inches wide for a total cooking surface area of 24.5 inches wide.


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porcelain steel two part cooking grate

Stainless Steel Grilling Grates replacement. Replacement grids have two sections 15.75 inches front to back and 11.25 inches wide for a total width of 22.5 inches of stainless steel grilling grates.


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stainless replacement cooking grate 15.75 x 22.5
cooking grate stainless wire grid

Barbecue grill grates are designed to install on a small shelf in the front and back of the fire box. Measure the depth of the grilling grates to fit the correct size grid. The width can always have a section added or cut to size. Stainless grilling grids are non-porous and dense enough for good heat conduction without a lot of sticking or breaking.

cast iron cooking grate

Cast iron cooking grates will always have some kind of coating to protect the iron oxides from rust. The enamel can be a glossy, shiny finish or a matted texture that looks more like natural cast iron but cast iron will always have some kind of protection that must be cleaned carefully to retain the coating.

cooking grate installation shelf