Coleman Barbecue Grill Replacement Heat Plate Shields.

Coleman gas barbeque grill heat shield replacements for decades of Coleman models. Coleman barbecues and camping accessories have been selling for several decades and their BBQ grills were actually well built. Below are many of the replacement heat plates to distribute heat and deflect greases for many Colemam models.

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Replacement porcelain coated steel large vaporizer heat shield for Coleman barbecue grill models. This long radiant shield is 25 5/16 inches long which installs from left to right and 8 1/4 inches deep from front to back. The heat plate has brackets with mounting holes on each end.


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porcelain coated heat shield coleman replacement parts

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Porcelain enamel coated steel heat plate replacement for Coleman BBQ Grill models. This long heat shield designed to spread rising heat and vaporize drippings is 27 11/16 inches long and 8 1/4 inches deep.


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coleman grill repair heat shield

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porcelain steel heat plate coleman $36.49

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tent shape repair heat shield for coleman bbq grill models

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porcelain steel heat plate coleman $35.49

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porcelain enamel steel replacement heat shield

porcelain steel heat plate replacement for Coleman barbque grill repair


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replacement porcelain coated steel heat shield coleman

Replacement Heat Shield is porcelain over steel gas grill radiant flavorizer. Vaporizer is 15.25 Inches long and 5.5 inches wide with 1 5/8 inches at the center peak.

Radiant Shield Detail

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coleman replacement bbq grill heat plate
Radiant Shield Detail
Coleman specification heat shield radiants

These are some of the Coleman parts specifications form the schematics in the barbecue grill manuals. The parts explosions show all the replacement parts that make up the grill model spread out so we can see what is in the grill and where each barbecue part belongs.

Obviously these three are from three different models but Coleman is showing us the cooking grates, heat shield vaporizers and burners in the models as a guide for grill repairs and assembly.

coleman grill parts schematic

coleman grill parts assembly in bbq