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Majestic Grill Parts at are different from most on-line stores because we are actually barbecue grill technicians. If you would like information about installing your gas grill replacement parts, information about using your barbecue, safety and cleaning data, fireplace information or anything else you would expect of a highly trained service technician with several decades of experience Contact us anytime.

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Today it has become very simple for almost anyone to create a store on the internet. Marketing and advertisement has become more attractive than experience and education in a field. Anyone can create a store, set up a relationship with a distribution warehouse and start filling orders from home without knowing anything about the products they are selling. We are fortunate we are not selling products we do not know anything about because although using a barbecue has become very much like being a human being it is possible for barbecue grills to become very damgerous. Having experienced technical advice available is much more important than anything else when safety and good taste are at stake.