Porcelain Coated Steel Cooking Grate Replacement For DCS Grills.

These cooking grates can be used as replacements on most of the gas grills by Dynamic Cooking Systems that are 36 and 48 inches wide. Even though the newer BGA and BGB models are deeper front-to-back than the older B and D models this grid will fit these models. The older grills had Finger-Grate cooking grids that were an inch smaller but these models have a trough in the front for a secondary drip tray. The extra space for this trough allows us to use the deeper cooking grate as a replacement. This grate is 20.5 inches deep, from front-to-back and a shade under 10.5 inches wide so three grates will fit the 36 inch models and 4 grates for the 48 inch model.

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Cooking grates replacements for DCS and brands selling DCS with names like GE Monogram, Members Mark and others. Grilling Grates are 20.5 inches deep and 10 7/16 inches wide. These grates are usually used in sets of three or sets of dour.


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porcelain enameled coated cooking grates fot DCS 36 and 48 models
full size of grilling grid

DCS Cooking Grate

The cooking grate for the 36/48 DCS is notched top-left and bottom right for finger holes. Be sure to check these notch locations and dimensions against your barbecue because DCS gas grills and the DCS models sold with GE Monogram's and Members Mark brandings have small notches in the grill for manual ignition tubes and the gas line connection to the rotisserie burner (image below).

measuring the diameter of the grilling grates

In the same size of cooking grate replacement there are two stainless steel options but this porcelain coated steel grate is the thickest and the heaviest of the three rod-design grids. These grates are not quite a half-inch thick across the diameter. Heavier cooking grates will conduct heat in the steel protected by the enamel to allow us the option to make a criss-cross pattern on grilled meats.

grill cooking grate notched corner for lifting

Many people appreciate the heavier grates because they last long and feel substantial. Heavier density also means more heat conducting through the material. Heat conduction in the grids is less important in a DCS because the radiant design makes a high temperature even heat distribution but the cooking grates will add to the heat in the grill and at the grilling surface.


Replacement porcelain steel wire cooking grid fits newer and older dcs barbeque grills. The porcelain enameled steel grates are heavy strong cooking grates for good heat conduction measuring 20.5 by 10 7/16 inches.
These can also replace the original 19.5-inch heavy finger grates in 20 years of DCS model.


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dcs porcelain coat enameled cooking grates bbq grill parts
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measureing the grilling area for replacement grid Check Size and Shape

In the front right corner of some DCS gas grills there is a stainless steel tube designed to facilitate manual ignition if the BBQ ignitors are not working. Most DCS models have this tube from the burner to the top edge tucked against the far right side so the notch in the grilling grates is not necessary.

check notchen to fit cooking grates

In the back left corner of the DCS grill this model has a 1 inch by 1 inch corner reversed in this corner where there is access for ignition wiring, thermocouple and rotisserie gas line to the back burner. If your DCS has this corner these cooking grates cut right around the ledge because of the finger holes cut into the corners.

The cut aways allow us to insert a finger on a grilling tool to lift the grates.

DCS sold as GE Monogram 48 with side burners

This is a DCS model sold as a GE Monogram. The 48 inch model has a just slightly smaller cooking surface than the 36 inch model because of the double range side burner top that is integrated into the 48 inches of the model. In this model these grates are a tight replacement whereas in a BGA model, BGB model or older "B" or "D" model sold as a DCS the grates will fit a little looser.