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DCS 24 Gas Grill Briquette Support Radiant Tray Replacement.

Dynamic Cooking Systems only made this one grill model to use briquettes. All the other DCS BBQ's used lava rocks, porcelain rodsor stainless vaporizers. The replacement briquette trays are special order only from DCS and typically take about a week to arrive and then a few days for shipping to you. The DCS barbecue models have been out of production for over 10 years but the 24 inch models in use across the country are typically in good shape and worth repairing because DCS made extraordinary grills with the best workmanship and materials available to outdoor fabricators.

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Briquette tray replacement for DCS 24 inch gas bbq grill with 2 rows of barquette radiants. Two row briquette radiant tray is the back tray in the grill.
As shown in this image the red pyramid briquettes will fit.


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radiant bbq grill briquette tray for dcs 24 inch barbeque grill models

Briquette tray for DCS 24 inch gas bbq grill with 4 rows of radiant briquettes installed in the front section in the barbecue.
Red pyramid briquettes fit the radiant tray space.


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briquette tray with 4 rows for DCS bbq grills 24 inches.
dcs 24 briquette tray radiant

DCS Radiants

Dynamic Cooking Systems twenty-four inch grill models were available as a built in or freestanding cart barbecue. These radinat trays support briquettes with 304 American made eighteen gauge stainless steel. The original briquette trays had a support rod clipped into each row of briquettes so the radiant could be moved and turned without losing the briquette.

dcs briquette tray with red pyramid briquettes

DCS 24 Briquette Tray

The DCS 24 inch model gas grills were the only DCS barbecue models to use briquettes so they are not a commonly stocked item for DCS. The red pyramid briquettes we stock as a universal briquette fits the defined channel that is part of the briquette tray design. Red pyramid briquettes replaced the old rounded-square black briquettes about 10 years ago because the angled design of the pyramid radiates heat better than the old style. In recent years many manufacturers have improved the material of the briquette to something less porous so the material lasts longer but the DCS 24 has been discontinued for a very long time so there is not an updated replacement for this grill and we use the red pyramids to conduct heat.

The DCS 24 inch model barbecues have this two-row briquette support radiant tray in the back section of the fire box. As ablve the red pyramid briquettes will fit into the stainless tray. Holes in the tray allow heat. The original DCS briquette supports had rods installed in the stainless to lock the briquettes in the tary because the trays tilt out of the way for a rotisserie attachment.
Because the rods are very costly we do not even show them because no one has ever prdered the replacements.

dcs 24 back briquette tray with 2 rows
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Hard white DCS briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces.


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dcs 24 briquette
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briquette tray left side Clean the grill!

American made 304 stainless is designed to last forever but needs to be cleaned to last so long. Among other chemicals added and removed 304 stainless briquette trays have eighteen percent chromium which can react with oxygen and leave a protective barrier at the surface of the stainless.

briquette support right side

Dynamic Cooking Systems used 304 stainless on the burners, many cooking grates, vaporizers, radiants, briquettes trays and the structure of the gas grill models so the entire barbecue was made to last forever.

The DCS 24 models were very different from the 26, 27, 30, 36, and 48 inch barbecues. The 24 inch BBQ has a 4 row tray installed in the lower front of the fire box and a two row tray in the lower area in back. The DCS 24 burners and the ignition electrodes are also different from one another and different from every other model of DCS BBQ.

dcs 24 inch exploded parts schematic