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Replacement DCS Ignitor Electrode With Collector Box and Wire.

Although we have to buy each piece of the igniter assembly separetly from Dynamic Cooking Systems we actually sell the invidual gas grill igniter electrodes as a kit with the collector box and installation bracket and electrode wire. We also have attachments for a flat spade module like those connections on a battery operated module and we round-spade module attachments like those on the rotary modules. All this is in each electrode replacement package so there are no additional parts to wory about. See Installation Video Here.

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ignitor electrode with collector box and wire for DCS models


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See Installation Video Here.
electrode starter for dcs bbq grill parts
electrode replacement with wire and collector box

DCS Grill Igniter

Dynamic Cooking Systems have had a lot more evolvolution-time to develop better working systems than any other high-end gas grill company because DCS has been making top of the line outdoor appliances for longer than anyone else. The original electrodes had a right side--left side bracket collector boxes and each new model had a slightly different mounting area and slightly different size. After DCS reached the pinnacle of their design with the model known as the D model they started using this electrode and collector box design and every DCS models from 12 years ago to today has had this ignitor.

We stock this with the 30 inch wire so the electrode kits we ship are always going to fit.

See DCS Igniter Installation Video Here.
radiant rods showing hollow center

Even high-quality outdoor rated 304 stainless steel needs some maintenance. The material has a nickel content that will not allow warping or re-smelting and chromium that reacts with oxygen to protect the outer layer of stainless. That means the outer layer of stainless should be cleaned -- or at least degreased -- at least once or twice a year.

As this image shows the stainless can eventually rust but usually this takes a very long time because DCS uses such high quality materials. The bigger concern is that an electrode is like a miniature spark plug and one well-aimed drop of grease can interrupt the ability of the tip of the electrode to spark against the clean stainless on the inside of the collector box bracket.

If the electrode is not working well spray the whole box with a degreaser to melt away built-up grease. Lightly brush if necessary.

electrode and collector box installed in grill

When the electrode is installed in the grill the inner stainless steel fron wall of the barbecue supports the electrode. Not only does the screw hold the electrode in place but the stainless collector box screwed up against the stainless wall grounds the electrode within the grill. There are ways to ground the entire system to make the electricity stronger but the electrodes are designed to ground themselves where they mount. Over time grease, dripping sauces, marinades splashing down through the grates and gas flame fumes discolor the stainless with build-up deposits. This can also weaken the connection of the metal-on-metal ground.

When a client calls to say the igniter works but seems weak (First Change The Battery!) the dirt inner wall affecting the ground is usually the problem. Remove the electrode and use a powerful degreaser with a razor blade to clean the front wall. Fine sandpaper also works well.


Replacement electrode comes with the collector box and electrode wire can fit All DCS grill models.


Free Shipping Continental USA!!
See Installation Video Here.
electrode starter for dcs igniter
DCS Grill Info DCS Grill Parts Ignition Modules Ignition Electrodes Installation Video
dcs module with 8 outlets for eight electrode connections

BGB Model Grills

DCS electrodes all plug into a module mounted at the bottom of the control panel.. The 9 volt battery pushes up and into the module. The outlets for the electrodes are male flat spades and the electrode wire has the same sized flat female plug to fit tightly to the module.

Important Usage Tip
When it is possible we try to use a module with one outlet too many. Empty connections cannot be left naked because the electricity sent to the spade will leap off the spade to arc against any other nearby spades. This will stop the module from properly sending the spark to the electrode. Use the extra naked spade to attach a wire that can be wrapped around a bolt inside the control panle ans a superfluous ground. This way if the grill gets dirty over time the electrode sparks will not weaken.

rotary module installs to control panel of dcs D model bbq grill

D Model Grill Igniter

The first DCS grill model with this style of electrode and collector box bracket had rotary mdoules. A mechanical design, the rotary modules has a ratchet that has to be turned to produce several millivolt surges, several sparks per rotation. The rotary modules have male outlets that are round. The electrodes on this page come with a conversion so the end of the wire can be used as a flat spade or as a round connection for use with the battery powered module or the rotary mdules.

DCS ignition electrodes are designed with the architecture of the entire grill. Cross over tubes in each side if the U shaped burners line up with the spark in the electrode exactly. Cross over tubes in between the burners and running up inside the side walls of the grill also line up with the sparking electrode. DCS was manufactiring extraordinary gas grills for 210 years before revealing this electrode design and it was so well-designed over 10 years ago that this electorde is still in the DCS barbecue grills sold today.

electrode and collector box