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Replacement Cooking Grates DCS Gas BBQ Grills

DCS is Dynamic Cooking Systems and have been making high-quaity gas BBQ grills longer than any other gas grill company. DCS started making grills with lifetime warrantys and the ability to sear steaks at temperatures over 800 degrees before infrared technology even existed. Part of the technology has combining convection heat trapped inside the grill hood with the conducted heat tadiated by lava rocks, porcelain rods and heavy duty cooking grates. Eventually if they are not keot clean these grill parts can get messy. Find the replacement grilling grids for your DCS model gas grill below.

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Stainless Steel grilling grate for Dynamic Cooking Systems 27D models. Certainly the most popular of DCS gas grills sold, DCS 27D BQAR/BQR started stainless U burners and radiant rods for Awesome Grilling.

Cooking grids are 19.5 inches deep and both combine for width at 25.5 inches. Solid high quality stainless steel.


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dcs grill parts cooking grates for 27 inch dcs barbeque grills

Porcelain enamel coated steel wire rod cooking grid replacement for DCS gas grill models manufactured before the DCS-D model.

This is the replacement grate for older DCS BBQ Grills with cast iron burners and stainless steel lava rock trays.


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porcelain coated cooking grates for dcs bbq grill parts

DCS BGB 30 replacement cooking grate. Heavy stainless steel grilling grid is Left side original DCS replacement.


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dcs stainless steel grilling grates

DCS BGB 30 replacement cooking grate. Heavy stainless steel grilling grid is Right side original DCS replacement. Right side cooking grate is fabricated with finger hole as shown in image.


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dcs stainless steel grilling grates close, 12 7/8-21.5

Replacement porcelain steel wire cooking grid fits older dcs barbeque grills. The porcelain enameled steel grates are heavy strong cooking grates for good heat conduction.
These can also replace the original 19.5-inch heavy finger grates, 2272 below.

Porcelain Steel Grate Details

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dcs porcelain coat enameled cooking grates bbq grill parts

Porcelain Steel Grate Details

Stainless steel replacement cooking grates. These replacement cooking grates replace 19.5 inch deep and later DCS model grills and the BG, BGA and BGB models up to present time.

Grid is 20.5 Inches deep and 10.5 inches wide. Select quantity of three and four.


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dcs grill parts stainless cooking grate is all stainless and is a thick heavy grid.

DCS Cast Stainless 4 Finger Cooking Grates

19.5 inch deep cooking grates were one of the brilliant inventions that show why DCS is one of the best grills made in America. Cast Solid Stainless Steel lasts forever and the concave or convex design of the grid can be laid flat in the grill or can rest at a slight angle.

Whether grilling with extraordinarily high heat or smoking with low heat all day long and anywhere in-between, these are Perfect cooking grates.


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stainless steel cooking grates finger grid dcs

porcelain grates no longer available.


DCS replacement cooking grate for DCS 24 model barbecues. The twenty-four inch DCS barbeque grill use two of these porcelain coated heavy steel cooking grates.

11 1/8 Inches by 17 15/16 Inches Each.

Yes, they're very expensive but DCS no longer asks us what we think and we just have to deal with it.


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dcs 24 inch cooking grate porcelain coated enamel 11 1/8-18

Warming Rack Grate for BGB 48 models that are all grill. The BGA and BGB model Warming rack grid by DCS mounts with two small hooks in small holes in the back wall of the grill.


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dcs bgb model warming rack grate

20.5 Inch deep DCS finger grate for BGA and BGB model gas grills. BG-36 models use 6 of these grids and BG-48 use 6 or 8 of these cast stainless steel reversible cooking grates.

DCS Finger grates are the original searing grates and are Perfect for adding convectional flavor and for high heat searing.


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dcs finger grate for bgb model bbq grill

dcs stainless steel bbq grill

There are a lot of DCS gas grill parts that are not listed here because DCS has been making outdoor gas grills for over 20 years. Many of the DCS BBQ grill models that we work on are now discontinued. Replacement grill parts are still available but there are not so many orders that we list all of them. If you need a DCS grill repair part that is not listed here, Please contact us at 954-2-Grill-2 for availability and pricing.

dcs stainless steel bbq grill

The thirty-inch DCS models have always been an anomoly within the fabrication of DCS gas grill parts. The grates, radiant rod trays, burners are all slightly different from the 27, 36 and 48 models. A lot of the replacement parts that fit the DCS grills will also fit the DCS-30 models even though there are more expensive options designed specifically for the 30 inch models. If you have a DCS-30 call us for extra assistance to be sure you make the best choice for replacement parts.

DCS Finger Grates

DCS finger grates are cooking grates that were made to be better than any barbeque cooking grid ever made. They were. Porcelain enameled grates are no longer available but the cast stainless grids are so heavy they last forever and shaped to add flavor to barbecuing, smoking and grilling. On one side the grids are concave to allow high heat grilling through heat conducted in cast stainless steel. The concave design allows and grease drippings to stay in the grate and vaporise, adding flavor. For lower heat barbecuing the concave designed grate could be inclined to push greas away from the food into a trough built into the front of the barbeque. The Finger grids could also be used flipped over for a convex non-stick cooking surface.

Later grills using infrared technology used the same concave design invented by DCS to add flavor to infrared grills while using lighter stainless to avoid too much heat conduction above an infrared burner