Lower Heat Plate For Older DCS Grill Models.

Although this item goes back to the DCS models that had cast iron burners and lava rocks for conduction, Dynamic Cooking Systems built grills to last much longer than most. This heat plate installs Under The Burners in order to affect the circulation of heat inside the fire box. The shields that install above the burners with lava rocks are called Radiants in DCS literature. The heat plates direct drippings in the drip tray but their real job is to allow the grill to keep heat inside the firebox rotating in the hood and building for as long as necessary.

DCS Repairs DCS Radiants DCS Burners Igniters, valves, etc

DCS Heat Shield, 16 x 9 inches. We think of heat shields as the item that installs in the barbecue above the burner and below the cooking grates. However, DCS calls this a Radiant and the Heat Shield is the stainless shield that installs below the burner. This Heat Shield was used in older model DCS grills.

Heat Shield Details

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dcs lower heat shield picture
front mounted control valve

This replacement Weber igniter assembly has all the individual grill parts that make up the ignitor assembly for the Genesis 330 models since 2011.

Early Genesis barbecue models had the control knobs on the side of the grill and the ignition was also on the right side with the knobs. Since 2010 the Genesis and the Summit model grills have the controls in front of the firebox and the burners install from front to back. This new design also moved Weber igniters away from the old Cross-Over design that only used one ignition electrode. The new Genesis models have front to back burners and the 330 has an extra burner for a higher-heat searing zone so each burner has its own ignition electrode.

dcs stianless heat shield under burner

weber grill parts side burner

DCS original A and B models with cast iron burners have this heat shield under the cast iron burners.

lower heat shield below burner
weber grill parts control panel


weber grill parts control panel
under edge of dcs heat plate