DCS Gas Grill BGB Model Heat Shields

These stainless heat shields are installed below the burners in DCS gas grills in order to direct grease and drippings and to affect the circulation of heat inside the barbecue. Without the lower shields heat would be quickly pulled out of the fire box by strong winds and if the box were sealed the heat would not be able to keep feeding the flames. Because the lower heat shields are often overlooked when homeowners clean their barbecues they do not tend to notice these parts until they have been so coated with greases and remnants that they've fallen apart.

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This DCS lower Heat Shield is 18.75 x 9 inches, installed below the burners in BGA and BGB model DCS gas BBQ Grills.


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dcs lower heat shield
front mounted control valve

In the exploded view schematic of replacement parts used in the DCS grill we have lightly colored this lower heat radiant shield with red to make it easier to identify.

As we can see here, the original use of this heat plate was installed below the DCS U shaped burner. The idea was that as heat dirculated inside the closed hood of the barbecue the trays would get hot enough to vaporize some drippings that managed to drip through the radiant shield above the burner. This hot stainless steel tray would partially vaporize the dripping in order to add flavor the convectional heat circulating insid ethe grill but would also direct heavier drippings down the the removable drip tray below the fire box.

heat shield bottom edge
front mounted control valve

Although the heat plate is rarely something replaced in the original DCS gas grills the shield will need to be replaced once they are neglected enough to fall apart. The ability for heat to circulate relies upon these trays limiting the draft of air from below the grill. While closing the area so heat continues to circulate the trays also direct drippings into the drip tray as necessary for maintaining the grill.

dcs stainless burners installed in a dcs gas bbq grill

In this picture we can see the heat trays UNDER the DCS grill U burners. Note the stainles is a little discolored where moisture had dripped through to land on the stainless and be vaporized so fumes add to the flavor mixed into the fumes of heat in the grill.

weber grill parts control panel

Again, here we can see this heat tray as installed in the DCS grill. However, this is a very old DCS from back when the burners were heavy cast iron. These lower heat trays are in pretty bad shape.

upside down heat shield from bgb model dcs grill