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DCS Lava Rock, Briquette and Rod Tray Radiant And Heat Shields

Building one of the best quality and most recognizable gas BBQ grills in the world, Dynamic Cooking Systems have used stainless heat shields, stainless heat shields with lava rocks, briquettes and most recently ceramic rods in a stainless heat shield. The goal is to create a grilling surface from barbeque burners. The radiating heat from the briquette/lava rock/ ceramic rod adds heat from just below the cooking surface for searing temperatures. DCS is such a well known gas BBQ grill because the quality of the products and pragmatic functionality made the grills relaible and the flavor amazing. The heat shield is the secret to searing temperatures and great flavor.

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Stainless steel lava rock support heat plate fits DCS-27 Models. Depth 16.5 Inches and 10.5 Inches Wide.

Lava rocks are supported above cast iron burners to conduct heat. Radiant heat at the grill cooking grates augments convectional heat circulating below hood to generate enough heat to truly grill.


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Replacement stainless steel lava rock support shield in DCS 30, 36 48 inch models.

The stainless radiant heat shield keeps lava rocks over cast iron burners in 30, 36 48 model DCS gas BBQ grills. Lava rocks conduct heat and increase temperature at the cooking grates.

19 inches deep and 9.7 inches wide.


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dcs grill parts radiant tray briquette holder

Replacement DCS Radiant Tray holds ceramic rods for Perfectly Even Grill Heat.

This is the best feature for grilling on a DCS BBQ grill. The DCS models of 27, 30, 36 and 48 all use this stainless steel radiant tray. Eighteen ceramic rods conduct heat and force convectional heat for perfect grilling!

Replacement Rod Tray Includes rod lock and does not include rods.

Radiant Tray Details

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dcs grill parts porcelain rod radiant tray
Radiant Tray Details

Radiant holds 8.5 inch rods.

Stainless steel radiant tray supports 8.5 inch ceramic rods for perfect grilling heat.

DCS radiant rod tray holds 8 1/2" ceramic rods for heat conduction and grilling distribution. Rod tray is 18 5/8 inches deep.

Stainless tray only; rods not included.


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replacement radiant old model supports 8.5 inch rod radiant

Replacement radiant rod tray in Thirty inch DCS has the same 9.5 inch radiant rods but has a wider (11.5" wide) Tray.

The 9.5 inch radiant tray above will also easily install in DCS-30 models and 9.5 inch rods fit both. This wider radiant rod tray is available and ships as only the lower stainless tray.


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rod tray support for radiants in dcs 30 models

Replacement three pack of 8.5 inch ceramic radiants for original DCS barbecue models. Even heat distribution and searing temperatures. Ceramic rod trays replaced lava rock trays because the ceramic vaporizer grease drippings and radiates an even distribution of additional heat below the grilling surface.
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dcs grill parts ceramic rods
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ceramic pack of 3 radiants for most DCS barbecue models. Replace ceramic radiant grill parts for even heat distribution and searing temperatures.
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dcs grill parts ceramic radiant rods
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Pack of 10 ceramic radiants dcs conduct for even distribution and grilling surface temperatures. Porcelain rods are still functional of they are dirty. Rods only need to be replaced when broken. The goal is to absorb and radiate heat -- not look pretty. In lesser barbecues briquettes and lava rocks are used but the evenly spaced porcelain rods in a DCS collaborate to maximize heat distribution at the grilling surface.
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dcs gas grill parts 10 pack radiants
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Stainless steel radiant heat shields for BGA26 inch DCS gas BBQ grill models. There was only one 26 inch DCS gas barbecue grill model so these radiants will fit any DCS gas BBQ grill that is 26 inches wide across the control panel.

16 3/16 x 11 Inches


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dcs 26 inch  BG 26 grill parts radiant tray

Briquette tray replacement for DCS 24 inch gas bbq grill with 2 rows of radiant briquettes. Two row briquette tray is the back tray in the grill. 22.5 inches wide.

All briquettes -- black, white, red -- can all fit in these DCS grill trays.

DCS 24 Briq Tray Detail

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radiant bbq grill briquette tray for dcs 24 inch barbeque grill models

DCS 24 Briq Tray Detail

Briquette tray for DCS 24 inch gas bbq grill with 4 rows of briquettes installed in the front section in the barbecue. Four rows of briquettes supported in 22.5 inch wide stainless steel DCS support.

DCS 24 Briq Tray Detail

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briquette tray with 4 rows for DCS bbq grills 24 inches.

DCS 24 Briq Tray Detail

Support rod fits in DCS 24 briquette trays in order to hold briquettes in place. Briquette trays function fine without support rods. Rods hold briquettes in place while the trays are tilted away for using the DCS Grill rotisserie.

special order only.

briquette support rod in dcs 24 bbq

Heat plate with cross over tube installs below DCS BBQ burner so the cross over tube is in between the burners. This is a safety device created for better and faster ignition or DCS gas grills. The stainless steel tube allows the gas flame to pass from one burner to another so burners will light off the flames of other barbecue burners even if the ignition electrode is not working. The tube that slides under the level of the burners deflects grease to the drip tray below the barbeque grill.


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heat shield with cross over tube for dcs gas grill bbq repair

DCS Heat Shield, 16 x 9 inches. We think of heat shields as the item that installs in the barbecue above the burner and below the cooking grates. However, DCS calls this a Radiant and the Heat Shield is the stainless shield that installs below the burner. This Heat Shield was used in older model DCS grills.

Heat Shield Details

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dcs lower shield under burner

This DCS lower Heat Shield is 18.75 x 9 inches, installed below the burners in BGA and BGB model DCS gas BBQ Grills.

Heat Shield Details

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dcs lower heat shield
dcs built in grill parts refrigerator

The older model DCS gas barbecue grills used heavy cast iron burners. The casting of the burner included supports thatsupported the stainless steel heat shields that supported lava rocks. Lava rocks radiated heat to add heat at the grilling surface and lava rocks also ensured there would be not hot or cold spots at the cooking grate surface. The heat shields were made with 304 stainless steel and - in theory - should last forever. However, built up grease will eventually cause rust and corrosion.

dcs built in grill parts kegerator

The DCS 26 inch gas barbecue grill was the only DCS gas grill model that did not use some kind of conduction material to augment heat. The 26 models had stainless steel U-shaped burners and a stainless steel heat plate above each burner. The heat shield in the DCS 26 models was wavy like a series of "W" shapes making it different from the other DCS heat shields that were used as briquette supports, lava rock trays or porcelain radiant rod trays.

DCS appliances started making gas grills and were tremendously popular because no one until DCS had made true outdoor products made to last decades in harsh weather with American made 304 stainless steel materials. Once the grill models were recognized as the best in the world the grilling technology also improved to match the reputation.

installation specification showing all dcs 27 bbq grill parts

The heat shield radiant trays in DCS gas BBQ grills are designed to radiate searg temperatures without infrared technology. Instead of using lava rocks or briquettes the DCS design built in porcelain rods that locked in to stainless steel trays that mounted just below the grilling grates. The rods heat up and radiate heat at the grilling surface adding temperature to the heat trapped in the closed barbeque hood. Typically, a DCS outdooe gas grill can reach temperatures exceeding 900 degrees because of the radiant tray design.