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Stainless DCS Burners. Is There A Difference?

Dynamic Cooking Systems is a legend in the world of high-quality gas grills. For decades there was no grill on the market that could compete with the quality, service, materials, warranty or the usability of DCS barbecue grills. They were the best. Several years ago the owners sold the company and today DCS is owned by Fischer and Paykel. During the transition many of the dealers who had been selling, servicing and supporting DCS dropped the brand because the network of support, replacement parts, dealer and customer service for repairs and warranty was severely damaged. Dynamic Cooking Systems barbecue grills no longer were manufactured in America to the superior specifications customers expected. Worse, dealer relations suffered terribly and experienced technicians factory trained with decades of experience wee alienated. Today I would not give away such a grill and certainly not buy ir sell them.

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F & P Replacement Burner

Our Replacement Burner

dcs stainless burner dcs after market U stainless burner

The replacement DCS burners are the same size and width. Both are center-feed, U shaped burners with the center-feed tube dropping below the level of the right and left gas burner tubes that make the U shape.

igniter shield and cross over on dcs burner dcs stainless burner detail of cross over tube

The features of the U burner are also the same. In this close-up detail we can see the ports which are the holes the gas comes through in the burner. Originally the DCS burners that were manufactured in Huntingtom Beach had a double row of ports to allow more gas flow. However, today the Fischer and Paykel burner on the right side looks identical to our burner on the left side image. Both burners have the single row of ports for flame and both have additional ports drilled perpendicular cross-ways where the ignition electrode will spark. Additional ports are on almost all barbecue replacement burners because the extra gas helps get fuel to the electrode spark that ignites the gas coming from the burner ports. Both burners also have a flat stainless shield that forces the gas to swirl right at the base of the burner to force more gas to the electrode for ignition. Also, both burners have a cross-over tube that supports the burner but also allows gas and flame to jumo back and forth between the right and left side of the U burner for even, consistent flame patterns across the burner.

dcs stainless burner dcs stainless burner

This angle shows the only difference we've seen between the burners. The clips at the far end of the burner are designed slightly different but they are the same size and same distance and both fit into the support bracket on the DCS barbecue grill.

dcs stainless burner dcs stainless burner

Both of these DCS replacement burners look the same from this angle also. The replacement burners have an air-adjustment sleeve that allows us to control the mixture of gas and air in the burner. Just like a car or any combustion burner gas is not very easy to ignite with out oxygen. The perfect mixture will produce a flame at each burner port approximately one inch or a inch and a half tall, blue with a yellow tip. Too much blue means there is not enough air mixing as the valve spits gas into the burner. Too much yellow means too much air. Also, too much air can sometimes make the flame appear to be floating above the burner because the air pushes the flame out so the base of the flame is not touching the stainless tube. Also sometimes the air flow will make a noise like rushing air in a storm if too much air is pushing into the burner.

These new stainless clips come with the less expensive DCS burner because the clips add depth to the installation. In some instances the burner is about 1/4 inch short of the burner support bracket. The clips come with the burner for thes einstallations so the bracket is able to support the U shaped burner even when the burner is slightly too short.

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install back tabs into slots

The back tabs on the stainless steel DCS replacement U shaped burner has 2 tabs sticking down. Larger images show this above. These 2 tabs fit into slits in the mounting bracket welded in place inside the DCS fire box. The tabs are important when repairing the grill because the when tabs are properly positioned the burner is exactly mounted straight on the control valve. We have had many (many!) customers contact us to complain about flames inside the control panle and about seventy-five percent of the time the reason is an improperly installed burner.
When customers call to tell us there are flames in the control panles the first question I ask is "Did you take the grill apart recently?" because the burners can spit out gas at the venturi if they are not installed exactly straight.

Replacement Grill Part by Dimensions
dcs valve orifice and venturi of stainless steel burner

The front of the DCS burner that has the air shutter on it is called the venturi. The venturi tube is the mounting section of the burner that mixes air and gas and installs on to the orifice at the tip of the control valve.
This image shows the view from the front of the barbecue when the control panel has been removed and we can see the manifold pipe, control valve and the front venturi of the DCS grill burner.
If the burner is not re-installed straight this is where the gas may leak. If the leaking gas ignites the first damage is usually to the valve. The internal grease over heats and about 5 weeks later (depending on usage) the valve will freeze and break because the lubrication was ruined by heat.

Burner Support Mounting Clip In Grill

new dcs clip to extend burner for installation

DCS grill burners were manufactured with 304 stainless steel. The numerical designation tells us the iron oxides drained and the chemicals added to the material. Many foreign grills claim they are made with 304 stainless when they are not because the materials cannot be tracked to the original manufacturer in other countries. American made companies are subject to different laws and an American company manufacturing their own grill parts will have to use 304 stainless if claiming to fabricate with such a high-quality material. Most DCS U burners can be cleaned rather than replaced because the materials are very resilient outdoors. 304 stainless is made with 10 percent chromium and chromium needs oxygen to create the reaction that protects the stainless. Keep your DCS burner clean and they will never need to be replaced.