Dynasty or Jenn Air Gas Barbecue Grill Burner Kit Replacement

The Dynasty barbecue grill repair burner replacement kit comes with the H shaped cast iron burner, venturi tube, air shutter, gasket and hardware for assembly. This is a heavy and thick cast iron burner designed to last a very long time and conduct a lot of heat below the briquette trays. Although the original comapny is gone a lot of Dynasty barbecues are still in use and many of these were sold with the Jenn Air branding on the grill because the original manufacturer made both grills and the electric Jenn Air appliances. When the company was sold the Jenn Air name was deemed more recognozable so Dynasty was no longer used. The old grills were made much better and have these heavy H burners in them. All the Dynasty grill models use the same burners and the same briquette shields.

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Heavy cast iron replacement burner for Dynasty barbecue grills. Cast iron venturi and gas sealing gasket and hardware is included. Dynasty H shaped burner design is 17.5 inches long and it 8 inhes wide.


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cast iron H shaped burner for jenn air dynasty grill repair
dynasty and jenn air replacement barbecue burner kit with venturi tube

Dynasty cast iron burners are a lot heavier and thicker than any of the other H burners on the market. These heavy and expensive stainless steel gas grills were designed to be covered by a manufacturers lifetime warranty. Of course the manufacturer is no longer in business but the burners were well-made and the replacement Burners are heavy and thick for long term use. The cast iron H shaoed burner comes with the hardware, cast iron venturi tube and gasket for assembly.

This image shows the assembly for the burner and venturi tube. The base of the venturi tube attaches with the gasket between the burner and venturi and the included hardware threads into the casting. The other side of the venturi tube will install through the front firewall of the barbecue so the hole in the front fits onto the orifice at the tip of the control valve.

The stainless steel air-shutter is also included. Adjust the air shutter to allow a dofferent moxture of gas and air for optimal flames from the burner. Gas grill flames should by blue with a white or yellow tip and about one inch long. Too much air will blow the flames away from the burner so they seem to float off the ports (holes) and not enough air will make the flame small and all blue.

dyansty gas grill replacement burner kit parts
dynasty by jade replacement burner detail

Pegs are a part of the casting under the burner so the burner can rest on the floor of the barbecue and stay level. Although LP and NG are both vapors in an unlevel burner gas will behave like a liquid. Propane is heavier than air and sinks and natural gas is lighter than air and rises. Either way the burner has to be level to properly burn the gas.

burner replacement kit with all parts for repair

This is the whole burner kit the way we ship to you. The burner, venturi tube, air shutter, gasket and hardware are all a part of the replacement burner purchase.

Replacement H burner for Dynasty gas grills. Some of the Dynasty gas grills were sold after the company changed hands and will have the Jenn Air logo or name on the grill. Usually the only way to tell if the grill is a Dyansty from the original models made in America is to look at the burner and verify there is a cast iron H burner. None of the imported Jenn Air models had this H burner.

dynasty jenn air h shaped gas bbq grill burner