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Replacement Cross-Over Electrode and Collector Box.

This replacement electrode is one of the more popular replacement parts we sell. In keeping with our committment to provide the service that other companies are incapable of providing we have a detailed explanation of how this electrode works, how this part of the BBQ grill is installed and how this ignition electrode and collector box work together with other parts of the barbecue.
As always, please contact us with any questions and please contact local licensed technicians for service assistance on site.

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new electrode with cross over collector box

Cross-Over Electrode
The electrode with a cross-over collector box is designed to pull gas from the left and right side burners in order to allow one electrode sparking to ignite both burners on either side. The longer overhang of the stainless steel collector box belongs on the bottom side during installation so the gas naturally flows into the chamber. Propane is heavier than air and will naturally flow down so the overhang slides up to the burner ports and the gas crosses-over as it flows from the burner.


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side view shows where the electrode arcs to ignite

Inside the collector box the electrode tip will arc against the inside of the stainless box. The box protects the electrode from dripping grease and sauces and the box is positioned by the ports in the burner so gas gravitates into the cross-over chamber.

Installation Video Tutorial
lower view of new electrode and threaded installation sleeve

This particular cross over electrode was used on a lot of Kenmore barbecues and a lot of the Turbo barbecue grill models but truthfully any electrode wired to any module is going to arc against a clean ground. What makes this electrode easy to install is that the back part of the electrode is glued to a threaded sleeve. Install the electrode by placing the threaded sleeve through the hole in the front fire wall and tighten a nut on the inside and outside of the wall. This way the electrode is secured against the inside of the fire box and the length of the threaded sleeve allows up to make the collector box to stick out as little or as far as we choose to thread the supporting nuts on the shaft.


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This image shows the inside of a Turbo Select gas barbecue after we removed the cooking gartes, ceramic tiles, support grate and the BBQ burners. As is obvious this grill was really readt for a service cleaning. There are flakes of rust that came off the grates and the cast iron burners mixed with old hardened grease and dirt all over the side walls and floor of the fire box. In the lower right cormer of the image is the original electrode and collector box covered with grease, old drippings of sauces, rubs, rust and food. That is part of the job of the collector box because if the drippings get all over the cross-over box the electrode inside the box and the stainless inner area can still spark. Some of the electrodes in this particular grill were working!

Notice the bar that is installed right-to-left along the top of this image. This is the bottom of the firebox at the back of the barbecue. The square tube is the support for the cast iron burners that were in this Turbo Select gas grill. Notice there are small holes in the support bar. These holes are where the burners mounted to the bar in the barbeque. In between the holes -- in between the burners -- notice the rectangular steel just above the support. This is the cross over collector box and is the same as the cross over collector box on our electrode in the front of the inner firebox. In the back of the barbecue there boxes are designed to act as cross over tubes that assist with gas grill ignition. If one of the burners is not igniting from the spark in the front of the grill the flames from a burner that is burning can cross-over and ignite other burners in the grill. These cross over boxes ensure that the entire grill will ignite safely even if only one side of one electrode is still functional.

Cross Over Electrode Needs To Be Replaced