Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts for Falcon Barbecues.

Replacement parts for Falcon barbecues. The post we used to have for the old post-mounted Falcon barbecues was 42 inches tall and 3 inches wide is no longer available. The 48 inch posts are too long but can be used for mounting. The old Falcon barbacue grills have not had many parts available for a long time but we still make some parts to replace valves, burners, lava trays and more.

Falcon Lava Grids. Falcon Burners Falcon Cooking Grates

New replacement control valve for very old Falcon barbecue grill model (1974 timeframe). This aluminum control valve has two orifices which control left and right sides of the Falcon Oval burner when the valve stem is turned left or right.

Apologies but these are finally extinct. Best repair is a single valve and a single connection burner as shown on the Burners page linked above. If assistance is wanted, contact us with any questions.

double orifice falcon control valve controls two sides of same ovsl burner

Original bolt through control valve for Falcon post mounted barbecue grill models. Flat of valve stem D is up when Off.


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aluminum original control valve falcon post bbq

Aluminum control valve is the original valve for Very Old Falcon post mounted barbeque grill models. Valve has 3/8 male pipe thread on bottom gas connection. Valve stem flat of D is facing left when Off.

This is for a single connection to a burner with a single venturi tube connection to the valve.


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cast aluminum control valve for falcon post bbq

Although not specifically designed for Falcon barbecues that had a 42 inch high post this is the closest post we can use when repairing the Falcon post mounted barbecues.

Replacement mounting post for BBQ grill mount. 3 inch diameter x 48 inch tall. Black replacement barbeque mount post is Black, steel post, no internals -- valve and regulators are sold separately -- and made to fit Charmglow JAK, AMK, TNK, HEJ Series 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 8260 with one access hole cut-out.


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Replacement BBQ grill mounting post. 3 Inch diameter. 24 Inch tall post replacement. Barbecue parts replacement used in Charmglow, Brinkmann, Arkla, Falcon and other very old, original barbecue grill models mounted on posts.


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charmglow grill repair falcon parts mounting post

3 Inch diameter. 9 Inch tall post. Barbecue grill mounting post with holes for control valves, shut-off valve and control knob installation. BBQ mounted with posts include Charmglow, Arkla, Amberlight, Falcon and others.

This 9 inch post has been discontinued. Current inventory is the very last of these that can be sold!


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charmglow mounting post grill parts

universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female connector compatible with most piezos. Fits all H burners, both cast iron and stainless steel. Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

electrode details


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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners

electrode details

Replacement ceramic electrode, mounting bracket and male connector for gas grill universal ignitor repair.

Igniter Detail


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universal ignition electrode
Igniter Detail

Replacement control knob is black, round with selectable Off position. Round arrow makes it easy to see what direction to turn the Falcon gas grill control valve. This is especially useful in settings where the gas grill is in a shared space.


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simple control knob replacement for falcon bbq grill models

Falcon control knob with Low One, Low Two High One, High Two and Off selection positions used on single control models with twin burners.


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falcon control knob for barbecue grill repairs

Universal barbecue hood handle fits most Falcon BBQ Grill hoods. The left and right posts that attach to the grill with heat resistant hardware can be adjusted by sliding the posts anywhere along the 24 inch long handle. This allows this grill handle to be used anywhere the holes on the hood are drilled to hold a not-hot barbecue hood handle.


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20620 Universal gas BBQ grill ignitor kit.
Universal barbeque and gas grill ignitor kit includes ignition module and electrodes, collector boxes and wires. I have used this igniter kit on all makes and model of barbecue grills - even those without electronic ignitors. The module screws right through the control panes and easily installs on every grill.

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universal gas bbq grill ignitor

universal control knob. Universal knob. Selectable D position (refers to the shape of the control valve post), socket diameter (6mm or 8mm), and shaft length (flush, 0.25, or 1.625. Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length). Includes six inserts (shafts) and set screw. Fits any grill with inside bezel dia. greater than 2.1875.

Knob Details


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universal bbq grill adjustable control knob
023433 Universal adjustable control knobs (2)is plastic made to look like stanless steel. This gas barbecue grill control knob replacement ships with 2 different sized inserts to fit different sizes of valve stem. Many valve stems are shaped like the letter "D" and at "OFF" the flat of the D is in different places. With these adjustable knobs the setting of the "D" can be inserted into the control knob so it will fit properly on any barbecue grill control valve. $11.49

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stainless looking adjustable universal control knob for bbq grill repair
14625 Universal Fit Chrome Warming Rack
Add a second level to any barbeque grill cooking grate or replace a Warming Rack. Heavy Duty chrome plated steel construction.

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adjustable bbq grill replacement warming rack

Universal hose and regulator for all models of gas barbeque grill. Single 24 inch hose 3/8 with 3/8 flared female end. This gas hose and regulator is made to fit 90 percent of liquid propane


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bbq grill repair universal hose and regulator

LP regulator with two hoses for side burner and bbq grill connection. This comes with two hoses coming out of one regulator and as one hose that splits into two hoses. Same result but two different styles. Use one regulator and one tank to operate both appliances.


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grill parts bbq regulator and double side burner hose

White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid briquette or black cube briquettes and radiate more heat, even heat distribution, and burn off greases that cannot soak into the material like other briquettes.

This New Radiant Briquette is much more durable and heat - effective than any previous briquette that has been available.


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alfresco briquette

Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female attachments. Appliance regulators in post-mounted barbecues like Falcon gas barbecue grills were usually fit into the post to regulate low-pressure gas but also to support the control valves that fit into the post.


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natural gas regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator.

When using a large permanent propane tank the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure appliance regulator.


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liquid propane regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Post-mounted grills like the Falcon models are perfect for gas timers because the attach to the gas line and keep the grills safe from gas problems. With three hours the maximum time on the timer the times can be set at any interval of 15 minutes up to 3 hours.


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Contact us for any additional grill repair parts you may need. Falcon gas grills are usually very old models and we are often locating replacement grill parts by the size and shape of the parts because so many of the original replacement parts are no longer available. The post listed above is no longer manufactured. At some point we will run out of stock and have to start using the Charmglow posts or the posts manufactured for MHP and a few other grill models.

Many of the replacement parts we use to repair Falcon barbecue grills were not originally designed for use on Falcon barbeque grills. With grills this old the manufacturing quality was awesome and these grills are still worth the cost of repairs. However, the original fabrication locations are long gone. Fortunately we are able to locate a lot of gas grill parts to replace just about any gas grill based on the size and shape of the grill parts. There are many post-mounted grill models we keep alive with fresh parts and a little special care.

falcon gas bbq grill cook