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  • Galvanized Steel
  • 24 Guage Removable Hood -- easy cleaning.
  • Safe Scalloped Corners and Roll-formed Edges
  • Masonry Screws and Adhesive Included
  • Install with 4 screws to Flue tile corners
  • 7 Year Warranty against rust-out or burn-out.
fireplace termination cap spark arrester
BBT1414 Multi Flue Chimney Cap:
Base Size: 14x14"
Cover Flue Size: 8x8" or 8x13" or 13x13"

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BBT1426kd Multi Flue Chimney Cap:
Base Size:14 x 26"
Cover Flue Sizes: Up To: 14 x 26"
Side by Side: 2 - 9x9" or 2 - 9x13" or 2 - 13x13"

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BBT1729kd Multi Flue Chimney Cap:
Base Size: 17 x 29"
Cover Side by Side Flue Size: 2 - 8x13" or 2 - 13x13" or 3 - 8x8".

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BBT1741kd Multi Flue Chimney Cap:
Base Size 17x41".
Cover Side by Side Flue Size: 2 - 9x17" or 2 - 13x17" or 3 - 8x13" or 3 - 13x13"

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