FireMagic Gas BBQ Grill Repair Parts

FireMagic gas BBQ Grill models have been available since before there were gas grills patened in America. Old Firemagic charcoal barbecues are still in use today. Firemagic gas barbecue grills are considered the best made barbeque grills in the world by many people. Current models have a lot of added features like remote controlled hoods, digital temperature guages, halogen lights inside the grill hood, hot surface ignition and more. Most of the replacement parts we stock are for the older models because it is the ten and fifteen year old models that currently need repair parts. A Firemagc gas barbecue grill by R.H. Peterson will not need repair parts for ten years or more.

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firemagic gas grill replacement

Firemagic Models:

11-B1C3N-0, 11-B1SNA-A, 11-S1C3N-0, 11-S1SNA-A, 12-S1S1N-A, 12-S2S1N-A, 13-S1S1N-A, 13-S2S1N-A, 14-S1S1N-A, 14-S2S1N-A, 15-S1S1N-A, 15-S2S1N-A, 17-S2S1N-A, 1B-S2S1N-A, 21-S1C3N-26, 21-S1S1N-26, 21-S1S1N-86, 21-S1S1N-87, 22-S1S1N-21, 22-S1S1N-62, 22-S1S1N-87, 22-S2S1N-62, 22-S2S1N-87, 23-S1S1N-62, 23-S2S1N-62, 24-S1S1N-62, 24-S2S1N-62, 25-S1S1N-62, 25-S1S1N-71, 25-S2S1N-62, 25-S2S1N-71, 27-S2S1N-31, 27-S2S1N-41, 27-S2S1N-51, 27-S2S1N-61, 2B-S2S1N-62, 2B-S2S1N-71, 31-B1S1N-A, 31-S1S1N-A, 34-S1S1N-A, 34-S2S1N-A, 3C-B1S1N-A, 3C-S1S1N-A, 61-B0S0N-0, 61-S0S0N-0, Custom I, Custom II, Deluxe, Elite-50, Monarch, Regal I, Regal II.
firemagic replacement gas grill burner
Firemagic Replacement Repair Gas Burner
o firemagic grill replacement cooking grates grids
Firemagic Replacement Cooking Grate
firemagic replacement briquette trays, flavor shield
Firemagic Radiant Trays, Grids and Heat Shield
firemagic replacement grill parts
Firemagic Replacement Grill Parts
firemagic RHP realfyre gas log fireplace

R. H. Peterson not only manufactures FireMagic gas barbecue grills and gas grill replacement parts but RealFyre gas logs are available for vented and vent free gas fireplaces

rhp american outdoor built in grill model

American Outdoor Grills are also manufactured by R.H. Peterson as a more basic model without all the added features of the Firemagic model gas grills.

firemagis cast stainless burner

The heaviest cast stainless steel burner in the world.

The FireMagic and the AOG gas BBQ grill models share one very important feature. Both brands of barbecue allow the user to decide to utilize or not to use infrared grill burners. Infrared grill technology is the biggest invention to affect cooking in many decades. An infrared burner will generate over one-thousand degrees within minutes directed at the grilling surface without lowering the barbeque hood. In both the American Outdoor Grill and the FireMagic brand a conventional blue-flame burner can be removed and an infrared burner installed simply.